Gotta love a Glock (Sight Upgrade)

Oct 3, 2003
The thing that pushed me to change from 1911's as my go to platform to Glock is that every part of the Glock platform is 100% replaceable by the owner with out extensive training and tools. A punch, and 2 sight tools is all you need to change out parts. I can get all of my Glocks set up similar with less cost and finding a Gunsmith you feel confident in. I love the 1911 but the added care not in the platform but in the "extras" such as "Coatings", "Setting up multiple guns for the same sights", repairing "Used or older" guns I have picked up with wiggly plunger tubes, or replacing ambi safety's have always added extra mental and emotional distraught than I cared to live with .

SO - I bit the bullet and went all Glock. I didn't shoot them nearly as well as my 1911 but in time my groups have tightened up considerable and I am preferring the care free"ish" functions for sweaty southern carry.

Anyways - Today I upgraded my G26 to have the same sights as my G19, I really like the Warren Tactical Sights. The whole sight picture is easy to pick up and easy to get onto the front sight for me because the rear sight shape draws your eye up and to the center.

I had to heat the front sight screw and loosen the lock tite on the Trijicon sight that I replaced the stock front with a couple years ago. Saved it so my buddy Jon can have it :)


I invested in sight tools because I have 5 Glocks so I can replace each part at home and with ease :)


Following the directions I "Pull" the rear sight from the right to the left.

Here is the complete sight installation project. Finished it in about 20 min easily.


Even the front sight pops with a dark surrounding. The rear sight blends in and I like not becoming distracted with a rear dot. Just my preference.

I like how the rear sight shape sort of pulls your eye into the center "TOWERS" and onto the front sight.

Here are my matching slides. G26 and G19.

Now I need my Frames back from Boresight Solutions for the work he is doing to remove what I don't like about the Glock Frames :)
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Brian, nice sight upgrade! I nearly went that route recently as well, but ended up grabbing a set of XS Big Dots for my G19. They're pretty damn spiffy too, let me tell ya!
I buy mine from Mike here......

Part number from him is.
- $87.95 - Glock-WTL-01 - Plain Rear with Tactical Tritium Front (.215" high x .125" wide - Ramped Flat). For low light carry.

HE is a pleasure to deal with. I have 3 sets total. One is waiting for me to decide if I have a second G19 set up the same or just put them on my G34 for visual consistency.
I'm new to Glocks, so I'm not sure how much difference sight upgrades would do for me. Guess I'll have to give them a try....meanwhile this is the only mod I've dared to do thus far. I'm liking this trigger guard shape much better.

I am usually over in the traditionals sub forum but when I saw "glock" I had to see what it was all about. I shoot everything...I really like my 1911 but I love my G19. It was my first pistol, the day my license arrived at the licensing bureau was the same day I bought it. I wanted it from the time I was 15 years old. There are great guns out there but NOTHING BEATS A GLOCK!!! Mine probably has close to 10,000 rnds through it with only one hiccup.... a stove piped rnd that I actually made happen on purpose by severely limp wristing the gun. I even shot a box of short nose corbons through it with no problem. I can get the slide to come forward by driving a new magazine home about 90% of the time now.

Ok my Glock lovefest rant is over now lol
Don't get me wrong I am not one of those Glock only or 1911 only guy's I like to shoot everything but my G19 is my go to gun for just about every occasion.

Can't go wrong with a Glock. Mine has seen a little use... ;)


I'm currently using the Big Dots, but I'm considering the Heinie Straight 8's. The Warrens are great sights, too. :thumbup:

what will you end up doing with you sight tool now that you've upgraded your glocks?

i've somewhat wondered what's the point in buying a sight tool, or many other "specific" type tools like that. how often will you change your sights, after you've done it the first time?

you know what would be an AWESOME idea?

if BF had like a forum where ppl could post item-specific tools that they had, and would mail/rent/loan tools like these to forumites.

(i say this because i am in need of a glock adjustment tool)

also, i mean. i have bicycle tools, many of which i'll have used once and likely not need for a very, very long time. it seems like such a waste to own these things.
I hear you on that I don't have a glock but I have a xd 9mm and it's easier to clean and maintain than my 2 1911's....I'm a fan of the 1911 design, so I guess that's why I put up with it's quirks!!!!!
Wanted to have the sight tool for my own use. I he 5 glocks and may get another G26. The point of my having the tool is I can work on them at any time I find I need to :)
To me well better than needing it later and thinking.... I should have kept it. I have used it on 3 of my glocks and will use it in my G34 soon.

When I had several 1911s I spent more than the sight tool on labor for having safeties fitted and a plunger tube restaked.

You can actually perform the sight job with a hammer and brass punch. That's very inexpensive but I like the tool.
Nice sights! Loved those on my M&P. When I switched to Glock last year (same reasons you mentioned, M&P parts were rare at the time) I couldn't stomach the prices that he was charging to put those sights on both of my defensive Glocks so I went with Ameriglo green/yellow Operators @$75 each. Also went with their sight tool and have already saved more than the cost of the tool doing my own installations.
Actually made use of the sharp front edge on the rear Operator sight when I had a jam at a match and couldn't manually retract the slide.
Has anyone ever dealt with they can do alot of work on the slide, I have been debating sending my g22 off to at the slide grips to the front to match the back.
I have changed Glock sights with a dowel rod and hammer, but a sight tool is much more elegant. And it produces fewer dents on the side of your rear sight. :)

Gratuitous Glock pic:


Glock 17 beater with G34 barrel.