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Grail Strider SMF


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Oct 11, 2011
This is absolutely brand new, and the latest and greatest from M. Strider. Blade is CPM20CV and lockup is very early. Perfectly centered and no wiggle in any direction. Blade and lockside is completely lasered on black oxide steel in their new camo pattern. Aluminum scale is also lasered to different depths to give it grip and an unreal visual effect! I was told these are extremely rare. Asking WITHDRAWN. Price is all in to you. More pics upon request. An “I’ll Take It” trumps all forms of communication. NO TRADES, and US only please.
82BA1E83-96A2-4DF5-8D93-1EC97F2A08F7.jpeg 2438C733-2B1E-4D96-924F-D663E69C03E3.jpeg 79B62EF0-1655-48F4-B48C-363F3C385458.jpeg 16156AC8-860D-442F-A4EE-872AE2005FCA.jpeg
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