Grohman Survival Passaround - SIGNUP

Dec 2, 1999
I have a Grohman Survival knife almost ready to go on passaround.

Here's a pic:

I'm not a hardcore user of this type of knife but here are my observations. (As contrasting against the Spyderco Temperance passaround. )

The size of the handle is smaller and easier to wrap your hand around, since it swells at the back it stays in your hand pretty securely on a draw cut. The top near the tip has a swedge which I imagine would help during skinning. This is a full tang knife and the metal is exposed, So you might need gloves if it's 0 degress out. The unique taper of the the blade really does excellent on a draw cut. I purchased this pre-owned but it's in good shape, this is a bit heavier in blade (3/16) than the Spy. Temperance, and it's carbon steel.

There is one problem that I need to tend to, when the knife is inserted or drawn from the sheath, unless you are REALLY careful the blade slices the retention strap. I'm looking at having that repaired, though it's really a design problem so any fix short of a newly designed sheath will probably be temporary.

Since this knife needs a little field time to try it out I'm looking at doing a smaller number of people say 6, on the passaround for more like a week eval time.

To sign up respond here and send email with forum name, mail address, and phone number. US to start, sorted geographically.


List So Far:

T. Erdelyi
JD (IB) - Tentative
Dave I'd really like to get in on the Grohman Survival knife passaround but I don't want to keep someone else from trying a passaround, if I can get in on only one I'd rather it was this one, I'll even wait till the end for my turn, I got about 8 acres in Northeast PA and I'm surrounded by woods and water,(Delaware River is a mile down the road)I've always wanted to try a Grohman, this would be perfect for me.

If I can do both great, if not take me off the EDC Passaround.
I don't think it would be a problem to have you on both of them.
Hi Dave,

I just sent you an e-mail. Hope I can get on the short list.

I will sit out if this one fills up fast to give another a shot at it as well. But if theres room I am game. Never seen one of these before.:)
I have no problem signing you all up, I probably missed the hunting season though huh?
I would have loved to get into this one, but I probably won't get much use out of it, seeing how deer season is almost up, and no big game hunting in my area after that. Oh well, thanks for putting this on, but I'm sure there are others who would get to use it more than me.


Signup closed, once I get the sheath fixed, I send it out and let people know. It shouldn't be too long.

Do the still make Grohman knives in carbon steel or are they only available in stainless steel now? Thanks in advance.
This particular one says carbon steel on the side. but I thought they make some model in both steels.
Once it returns from this passaround, which will be maybe 2 months, I'll do a Canadien passaround with it.
HI All,

An update for you, I stopped by the shoe repair guy today and he declined to fix the sheath. He thinks the sheath design is stupid too.

Anyway here is what I did to fix it: I bent a "U" shape strip of brass that covers the leather where the cut is. I crimped it on then wraped the area with a layer of rubbery stair tread tape. It makes it a little more difficult to seat the strap closed.

This is a temporary fix, but I think it should last through the 4 people on the list. I just request you carefully remove and insert the blade so it minimizes cutting on the retention strap.

I have only four people on this one and I'll send it out in this order the first of the week hopefully:

1 - John in Boise
2 - T. Erdelyi
3 - Fisherk
4 - TheBadGuy
If you are interested in a short review, I have a few of these knives, and have used them extensively. I find the carbon steel easier to sharpen than the stainless, and it gets sharper, too. The saber type grind makes for a strong knife, but I prefer the new full flat grind. The smaller Bird and trout and original models are also nicer with the full grinds.
On the survival model, the handle design is exceptionally comfortable, and works well for extended use. I prefer a stag handle, and find the buffalo horn scales too slippery. Both wood offerings provide a sure grip.
The blade curve makes for a very useable knife when in the woods. Not as much belly for skinning as some others, but still an awesome moose knife.
I have beaten these knives through many a log, for firewood, and find them very good for this task.
Edge holding could be better, but is still pretty good.
Overall, I love these knives, and they play a big part in Canada's hunting world. I used to be a retailer in isolated northern communities, and all Grohmann knives are popular up here. Especially the Survival model.
Fit and finish is usually excellernt, but the occasional knife comes away with marks from buffing, and the handles scales are not perfectly flush with the tang, but are even. Grinds are even.

BTW, the first time I bought one of these, I pulled the knife from the sheath and cut the retaining strap. Get a new sheath if you buy one of these. I think a pouch style w/o a strap would be best, and the most of the rest of the Grohmanns come with that style.

A great knife for the $$$. Plus if you buy from a Canadian retailer, you will save alot of coin, due to the value of the Canadian Dollar, or lack thereof.
I have had a Grohman survival knife for the last 5 years. It is a good solid knife that works well as a general camp knife. It has good quality steel and a very ergonomic handle. Good value for the dollar(especially the American $)
Strange... i can't edit... I and my kids have 10 Grohman knives ... 6 outdoor nives and 4 kitchen knives...all good value for the money...especially when compared to henckel kitchen knives
Thanks for the extra notes and reveiew.

I dropped it by the PO today, the order is:

John in Boise (ID)
T. Erdelyi (PA)
fisherk (NJ)
TheBadGuy (VA)