Gussied up Remora

Glad you like it.
Now go grab a pocket slip for it and make it a regular carry item!
I've been looking for the past couple of hours. Its easier said than done :) I want to cover up a lot of the handles so my other pocket stuff doesn't scratch them. I'm open t suggestions. 2.3 inch blade sheaths are hard to come by :)
For a sheath, look at the Knives ship free Pocono model.
Main pocket is 5" deep and the Remora is 5 1/4" OAL. Plus it will give room for a light/pen/other small object in the second pocket.
I found the Sharpshooter knife bushcraft f on a YouTube video where someone fitted the micarta bk11 handles to the 13. It was perfect. 15.95 shipped :) and it can belt carry if I want. For fishing it might be the perfect knife. I've been carrying a Austin Goldman Custom IWB with Kydex, or my Mule. This gives an even smaller option if i want it :) Options are oh so good :)

Consider getting the sheath that comes with a Bark River Lil Creek, remove the loop, and cut to desired length (wet form if desired). That's what I did for my candiru and it works as the perfect pocket sheath. I will also vouch for the Pocono, my 24 and an aaa streamlight ride in it almost every day.

Great looking remora, too! Being my only stainless Becker, my 13 lives in my tackle box with a simple cord wrap. I'd be too scared of dropping it for a long swim if mine looked like that.

Good timing^^^ :thumbup:
JGorman, This is the one that comes with the BR Lil Creek :) Thanks for the recommendation :)
Found a photo of the sheath you linked:

And a bravo 2 necker sheath below:

Bravo necker shows a bravo in it, not a remora. Though you can see that the whole slab will be open.
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Thanks folks, I Really appreciate the kind words.

This place and this modding mindset of the Beckerheads in particular, has led me (cursed me?) to attempt this stuff and find something I truly enjoy.
Thanks again.