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Happy New Year!! Free Knife Giveaway!

Mar 15, 2001
Congrats to wec12 for winning with his guess of 326! (my wife chose 298 as the number) Thanks for playing, everyone!

In celebration of the new year (and in the hope that we all made it through 2006 with only minor knife-inflicted cuts), I'm giving away a Spyderco Ladybug. The Ladybug has been used by my wife for the past three years, so it's defnitely used, but not abused. Here's a picture.


Here are the rules. To qualify, you must have:

1.) Joined BladeForums in 2006
2.) Have fewer than 10 knives in your collection (honor system here, guys), and
3.) Pick a number from 1 to 1000.

I will ask my wife to choose a number, and the closest to her number wins the knife. I'll ship it for free CONUS; if you're International we'll work something out. The contest ends at noon on January 3, 2007 EST Good luck everyone!

Running List of Numbers Chosen

Avenger29: 18
egroeg555: 555
Pinky: 735
ignoramus: 231
wyld: 7
dulledge2: 38
wec12: 326
AWGunS: 711
JFD: 490
WutEverWarriorX: 401
linzoy: 850
Radyn: 200
Suzukigsx1300r08: 593
SPXTrader: 714
Raining: 223
bhmorrill: 500
FLYBYU44: 540
RagPicker: 115
Toad224: 925
evilspyperson: 890
Does anyone on Bladeforums have less than 10 knives? You might have to up your limit.
Good point, but let's try it with 10 as the limit for now. If we don't get a decent number of responses, I'll raise it. Obviously kitchen knives, and other non-collection knives don't count. I really want to focus on newbies and lurkers.

- Mark
My number is 18

I just joined a few days ago, and I only have about oh, 5 knives in my collection
Case Trapper
Gerber Gator II
Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool
Benchmade CSK
Rescue Hook
Well, I could get two out of three :D
But I am not about to get rid of 400 knives to win a Ladybug :eek:
Cool contest anyway!
Well it seems that I qualify. I don't exactly need a knife like this, but it's not like I'm going to turn down the opportunity to get a free knife.

My knives (In order):
- Victorinox Huntsman
- ~3" blade folder by a company called Sheffield (I received this as a gift and don't know the exact model)
- Benchmade mini griptilian
- Becker BK7
- Leatherman Charge Ti (this is currently in the mail)

My number pick: 555
My number is 231

My knives:
LM Wave
BM Grips 551 &552
Pacific Salt
Jester (gave to my girlfriend)
Endura Wave
Leek (gave to my brother)
Camillus Heat (gave to my friend)
Tiny Victorinox for the keychain

9 total, but I only have 6 myself even though the other 3 are floating around my house.

Thanks for the giveaway!
I only have 2- a s&w baby SWAT and a mini grip. I asked my wife to pick a number for me and she picked 7
I just realized you are giving away a knife I already own.

Good luck. Thanks for the opportunity anyway.

How about 0326 ?

I joined in 2006.
Small collection in order:
1. Kershaw Chive
2. Sypderco Salt I Black
3. Spyderco Endura 4 SS
4. Spyderco Tasman Salt Yellow
5. Spyderco Viele II
6. Spyderco Dyad C44
I'll go for 711.

Susbscribed in 2006.

I have in my small collection a:

GL Drew Small fixed blade
Kershaw Spec Bump
Kershaw Cyclone

Thanks for the opportunity Mark

A Smith
I'll paly
I only have 6 knives:rolleyes:

1 sog flash II
2 Sog Twitch II
3 Astroller
4 Imerial fishing
5 Saber
6 Case

I'll say 490
My guess is 401

My collection:
Kershaw Blur
Kershaw E.T.
BM Rukus
CRKT Sting
CRKT My Tighe (on order)
S&W powerglide (on order)

And hey, first post...

Edit: I live in Canada, so if you don't want to deal with that BS I'll understand.