Happy New Year!! Free Knife Giveaway!

I only have a SAK, a couple of old knives I inherited, and a combination knife and letter opener.

I'll choose 200

My knives:
Kabar Fighting/Utility Knife 1271
Kabar Next Generation
Schrade Oldtimer 8OT
Kershaw Double Cross (which is missing atm)
Byrd Cara Cara
Byrd Flight
CRKT Contrail

great thread and thanks for the giveaway
Number guess.....714

Knives: SOG Trident, SOG Seal Pup Elite, two Schrade 152's, two Buck small folders, a Case folder, and a k-bar...

Join Date December 2006!

Thanks and a great idea!
Hey, this is the first give away I actually qualify for! I'll take and even 500!

As part of the small demographic of relative newbies to the knife world, I would be glad for the opportunity. The only knives I actually own are a small two blade pocket knife from my cub scout days, and a cheap $20 bali-song (not my purchase). I just turned 18, and I have been looking to pick up a good medium to high quality knife, what potential luck!

And for my number... 890
Congrats to wec12 for winning with his guess of 326! (my wife chose 298 as the number) Thanks for playing, everyone!

- Mark