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Harpoon in AEB-L and Blackwood **SOLD**

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Nov 27, 2011
Made from 1/8" AEB-L, cryo'ed and tempered to 60.5 HRC, Full flat ground to a nice thin edge.

Satin machine finished.

Some very nice African Blackwood with Carbon Fiber pins.

8" tip to butt, with 3.5" of usable cutting edge.

Swedge is left unsharpened.

let me know if you'd prefer right or left handed sheath.

175$ shipped and insured.

Thanks for looking everyone,

Leif Lambertson
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Another beauty. The AEB-l that I received from you is a supreme slicer and I am sure this one is also.
Harpoon hunters have long been one of my favorite blade shapes, followed closely to big ass camp knives. The satin finish complements the Blackwood beautifully the Ergo's on the handle look comfortable as hell. Beautiful knife sir!
I realize I am a little late to this party, but I just want to say that is a gorgeous knife!