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Have the last word, then lock the thread.

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Aug 16, 2000
Rebutting someone's post where they display their opinions, then locking the thread is not playing fair. But....I know it's his toybox and he'll play with his toys the way he wants..I stated my observations, if I'm so wrong, straighten me out, don't just make a short quip and then lock it.

The "if you don't like it, move on" reply seemed a little crude and mean to me. I'm just trying to understand the "new way", that's all. Once I do I'll shut the hell up.
I don't mean to be rude to any members; just my 0.02...

I've never spent so much time, quality and informative time at that, at one place for so cheap.

A single movie with the wife & kid costs what Spark is asking for the entire year.

Maybe, just maybe, Spark et al are just a wee bit sick of the bitching and whining; a fellow formite stated it this way to me: "If a person is not willing to pay $30.00 for what we have here than maybe they need a can of WD40 up the butt." (Not my delicate style but eloquent nonetheless)

No offense rdnzl, but when mob-mentality starts and people jump aboard the mob will;

Bitch when the "last word" is taken

Bitch when the thread is locked without comment

Bitch when they gotta chip in the pot to keep a good thing going

Bitch when they move to another website

Bitch when they gotta start chipping in at that website

Bitch at change just because

Did Spark pull an Earl..... NO! He's asking for a little help paying for this site. Christ, I hope he's making a profit with all the time spent here, not forgetting withstanding all the bitching and whining (Spark, you're a better man than me in terms of holding one's tongue; I would've been on the whiners like lemmings at a suicide sale!)

Spark..this message is for you.

I've decided to stay out of this arguement all together. I do not intend to take either side. Bladeforums and 1sks are your affair and the policies that you create are something everyone who is a member here or buys from you will have to deal with in their own way.

I have some advice that I think, if followed, would save you a lot of aggravation. If you had taken a position similar to the one described below, I don't think you would have seen much if any resistance.

(Upon reviewing the numbers, Bladeforums is in dire need of becoming self-sufficient. It is with regret that policy must be changed to bring Bladeforums into the black. This is going to affect some against their will which is regretable. Thankfully, the new system will allow for various levels of membership. This is something many have been wanting for some time. Also, everyone will still be able to post routine messages as normal without charge. Therefore, the paid memberships are completely voluntary. As 1sks was developed to aid and support bladeforums, it will now take a front burner on this site. Other dealers are welcome to continue to participate in the for sale areas, but at the expense of a $850.00 yearly charge. It is realized that this will be out of reach for many of the small dealers, and for that, we apologize. This site and 1sks are different branches of the same tree after all and we intend to promote the health of the entire enterprise from here on.)

You see...It isn't really the policy that is not understandable. I probably would have done this long ago if it had been me. It's that you try to disguise the fact that you are trying to make a profit out of all of this, with the cloak of supporting the forums. I'm sure it will support the forums, so don't get me wrong. But, come on, really..supporting the forums really means supporting Spark... as does 1sks. There's nothing wrong with this. My businesses support me. I'm proud of them. You should be too, bladeforums and 1sks are great sites and a credit to the knife industry.

Also, you try to step into someone else's shoes with this "if you can't make enough profit to do this, get out of the business"(loose quotation) stuff. The "pay up or tough it" attitude will never go over well with anyone. Just let them do what they wish.

Lastly, closing threads must have become a new hobby. It's like hanging the phone up on somebody...or slamming the door in someone's face. Can't we do better than that ?

I hope you aren't personally offended by this, but I've found advise of this nature helpful in my life and thought I'd pass it along.

As for me...I'm running an analysis as to whether the dealer membership will be a good move or not. The numbers will determine my actions. No hard feelings.

If you have something specific you want to discuss - address it specificly, and I'll be happy to talk it over with you. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Criticism for criticism's sake is not.

As for you, John - this all was already covered over a month ago. I was more than polite then. Now I find myself dealing with the same questions, the same accussations, the same innuendo, from people who either refuse to accept the truth, or find an ulterior motive in everything.

You think I'm doing this just so I can pull a profit? Hell, that would be nice. Unfortunately, that's not reality. I've already done the numbers. It will take 100 new subscribing Gold Members per month to make the forums pay for themselves. Or, it will take 2 new paying dealers, and 43 new Gold members. Etc, etc etc. That's <b>breaking even</b> on <b>current costs</b>. That doesn't make up for any of the money previously spent.

If we get more, hey, that's great. I don't mind taking a profit in for this site, after all, it'd be nice to have the hard work pay off. But, I don't see it happening soon.

The dealers say I'm doing this just to increase 1SKS's profits. In my opinion, that's just a convenient excuse, like so many others, that certain people have found to avoid paying for being able to sell here, and still feel good about it. Furthermore, I don't see you in the knife business to break even or lose money, so just why exactly should I do so, especially in order to allow you to make money?

I've been generous long enough. Dealers were offered a free place to sell, with the hope that they would turn around and get banner ads, and in so doing, help keep the forums open. Clearly, the honor system failed miserably. So, we've got a new system - you can either pay, or not sell. It's pretty simple. No more waiting to see if people will do the ethical thing.

Enough said...

I'm in business to make a profit...so are you.

You're seem too upset to take my comments successfully.

I'll remember you in my prayers tonight, and hope that everything works out for you and all.


I for one, extend a hearty THANK-YOU for closing those annoying threads! Crap like what those threads turned-out to be, need to be handled over the phone, via email, snail mail, or "face to face".


I really don't need to (or want to) view other folks "dirty laundry" here at BladeForums!

And I don't believe that "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" Forums was ever ment to be a place for "pissing contests".:(.
I don't know what the problem with RDNZL is, because I didn't see the post yet, but I have a thought on the locking of threads.<p>I think that anything should be allowed in the G, B, & U, except foul language... That should only be accepted in the W & C forum, if it ever becomes available again. The G, B, & U is just what it infers... A place to lodge any thing that we think is good, bad, or ugly, and should never be locked. Lets face it, we are all mature individuals, and capable of coming to our own conclusions as to what is printed here, and we also have the choice of just ignoring anything printed. If you don’t like it, click the back button! I myself enjoy coming here, and reading some of the problems that are being talked about, as I'm sure other formites do, because its a little entertaining sometimes. I have come to many conclusions about certain people just by the way they reply, as I'm sure some of you have also. I have also made conclusions on who I deal with, as most of us have. What I'm getting at is... What is written here shouldn't bother anyone! Its the perfect place to let off steam, and say your peace.<p>As most of you know, I had a few threads locked:D, but the only one that bothered me a little was the one I started in here. I'm sure that, that thread brought to light things about some people <i>(personality wise)</i>that many of you didn't know about. I know it did about me, by some of the responses I received!:D That doesn't really bother me though, because I’m not out to win a popularity contest. I have my friends, and that won't change. There is an old saying that I adhere to: <b><i>"A friend to everyone, is a friend to no one"</b></i>. That’s what its all about though! We all have our little cliques on this forum, and we end up dealing with a few certain people most of the time.<p>I guess to sum it up... If there is a thread going on, and it becomes a slug fest... Don't lock it! Remember, if there is a fight between people, no matter who, there is a right, and wrong to it, and we should be able to enjoy, jump in, and come to a conclusion about it. That’s entertainment!:D<p>As far as the points that Mike (Chefget) brought up, I would have to agree with him 100%. Spark is doing what he has to do! I have been here for a while, and have heard many complaints about this forum, and they made me laugh. I said to myself… Self how can they complain when this is all free? Well, now you can complain with a free conscience.:D This is, in my opinion the best forum around, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. If the dealers are complaining about paying too much money, don’t pay… Leave! Go to BA, and see what you would have to pay that crook for auctioning you goods. Just remember if you do though, you better just start selling cheap garbage!:rolleyes: The truth is never a dig, so please no complaints. I also think that makers should be paying more! Not as much as the dealers, but more than what they are. Like other people have said... They are in business, and so they should pay also.<p>Thank You!
The GBU post never should have been locked. Spark had his say, and no one could rebut. Phone or e-mail "conversations" are too private for disussing things that everyone should be aware of.

I had more or less accepted Spark and Gollnicks explanations, but locking the thread is just childish. "I have the power to shut you up, and I will have the last word" is what that is. Period.

Lock threads that go off topic, or are offensive.
The GBU IS for rambling on about what makes us happy or mad.
If it isn't then what IS it for?

Ok, how about the theory that if someone DOES pay for membership, does that entitle THEM to an opinion? Or only sell knives? Do non paying members have ANY say?

You choose to let us sell stuff on your forum, in direct competition with your knife "store". That's cool. But it seems that maybe that competition could be hurting your sales figures.

I am just trying to figure out if I should pay to sell a few items on occasion. Not start a war. But I believe that supressing discussion borders on dictatorship.


p.s. No offense Dann, but blatant sucking up is rather offensive also.

No, I'm afraid that you are wrong, RDNZL.

Bitching about the free ride being over, especially when I've posted fair and reasonable rates is childish.

Insinuating that the real reason behind this is to boost 1SKS's profits is childish.

Saying that the fee's are to clear out the "riff raff" is childish.

Calling this the "Federal Government" and a "dictatorship" is inflammatory, and extremely childish.

At this point, RDNZL, you've gone from discussion to <b>trolling</b>. Take a hard look at what <b>you've</b> posted lately. I've been more than polite to you, but my patience has now worn thin.
If all you have is accusations, innuendo, insinuations, gossip and related horse-pucky, you aren't stating an opinion, you're fanning the flames. You'll have to excuse me if I've got better things to do.

Finally, the G, B, & U is here for when you've got praise or negative feedback about a seller - straight from the forum description: "This is your area to tell about your experiences (Good or Bad) with dealers.". Not for "rambling on" about anything under the sun.

You want to vent your spleen, do it elsewhere. You want my head on a pike, take it to private email.

I respect your opinions, I just don't understand them.

You rule in your own kingdom.

You really put me in my place.

I will have no further comments. You are the boss.
Narruc, just in case you still do not know, W&C is back in business. It is however, not password protected anymore.

W&C is probably the place to go to pi** and moan, but if you do be prepared to to be blasted if the people there think you are just a little cry baby.

...I'm sorry for being so offensive to you. I hope that you can forgive me.:).

...But I still back-up Kevins' decisions...After-all, this IS his Forums.