Having Trouble Contacting Robert

Mar 30, 2006
Has anyone else had trouble contacting Robert? I placed an order around two months ago and have sent three emails or so, but haven't received a reply yet. The money has come out of my account as well. I know that he can get busy, I'm just wondering when my order will be ready.


Got you covered, Fairbairn, although I thought I got a PM from you but now can't find it. Did you PM me?
Any news on my order - I haven't had any luck thru email, either. The order # is 1240699999. It's a back sheath for a CS Laredo.
I'm back up online. Damn move has had me switching internet service and it's been a huge hassle. I'm now web based, and teh new shop will be up next week with much more capacity.

Is there any news yet on my sheath? I've emailed several times since my original message but only received one reply. It's been several months since I ordered. I hate having to ask again on a public forum but I haven't even received an estimated delievery time.


I've got you on the way. Sorry for trhe delays. Setting up anew has taken longer than I anticipated.
Exactly, I'm starting to get a little annoyed now. Everytime I speak to Robert he tells me "oh yeah you'll get it by the end of the week." I've been told that three times already. I really want my holster but for god's sake answer your messages!!! By the way the voicemail box is full again.
Damn, wish I'd read this earlier. I also ordered a $60 sheath last week... no email, no call, nothing so far. I hope I don't have to place a dispute with the CC.
Just to update you guys, I received a priority mail package from Robert today with the sheath. I'm happy because its the old desert tan color. So he did right by me. :D
I'm wondering about my order too, its been several months since my card was charged and I haven't received it yet, I've also sent two emails with no response. My order number is 1245142277, I'd love to have my order before winter hits.
Robert is back on the board. I sent him a PM last night about an order I intend to place and got a reply this morning. He should be posting again soon. He does great work. I hope everyone who posted above finally got squared away with their orders.