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Feb 3, 2005
I forged this from an old ball peen hammer so the steel is unknown. I heat treated it like I would 1095 with good results. Using testing files I estimate the edge at about 55 Rockwell so sharpening will need to be done with a stone because a file will just skate on the edge. The body has been normalized three times and everything but the edge has been quenched leaving most of the steel softer to withstand shock. I made the handle from curly soft maple so it is strictly decorative, if you like to throw a hawk my suggestion is to go on line and buy half a dozen hickory or oak handles because they will break if the handle hits the target. (Unless you are a much better thrower than me and always hit the target edge first)
Head length: 8 1/2 inches
Haft: 17 inches
Cutting edge:2 3/4 inches
Simple leather edge gurard

Removed: I'm on an extended hunting trip and will repost this sometime in December. delivered within the US. (Sorry but I will not ship this one overseas) My email and PayPal address is [email protected]

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