Help Me Choose....

If I could get my hands on a Dyad of any type I'd be very happy. I was thinking of the Lum but the lack of ergonomics scared me away.

mmmotorcycle sells the Micro-Dyad for a very competitive $104, if you're still interested. Also, there is an auction on eBay for a Jr., currently at $40.51. Also, an S30V, leaf-point, late-model Lil' Temperance is on eBay (PE) under the search "SPYDERCO LIL TEMPERANCE" and is currently at exactly $100. There are, however, a couple days left on the auction. A serrated 440V leaf-point is at $127.50 with a day left, but I believe you were looking for a plain edge (and I also believe that your Dodo was already a SE version).
Try Ron at . It will not be listed on the website, but his phone number and email address are on there. I think he had a Lil' Temp on the shelf, last time I was there. I don't know the price- sorry. He might have a Dyad also. tell him I sent you.
Good Luck!
If you are looking for a real grippy "G10" feel, get the peely-ply CF Military. The carbon fiber grips like glue almost. Very nice, and looks better then G10 also. :)


The mini Manix is the closest thing that I found functionally and ergonomically to the venerable most excellent Lil-Temp. The Lil Temp p.e. in S30v is my favorite all around knife and the mini Manix is a darn sweet knife.
Thanks again everyone. I marked that $100 Lil' T and the Jr. Dyad and will be watching.

I've decided to spend 50 bucks and get a PE D'llara for now.....

Did you rule out the Caly III? It's pretty much the perfect compromise between the positives and negatives of the Para and Manix 83mm. G-10, perfect size, all that.