Help Me decide between these 4 EDC

Jun 25, 2010
From research, I am wanting a light EDC to augment the Spyderco Persistence I have for my first knife. Price is a consideration and so, I would like your thoughts on ranking them and any appropriate pros and cons. All in Plain Edge though.

Spyderco Delica
Kershaw Scallion
Benchmade Mini Griptilian
Sog Flash 1

I have read of problems with the safety on the SOG, side to side play, and then something about lint getting caught up. Plus is the lightness, the fast opening and the clip.

Scallion, I think I can get a fantastic price. Concern about the curving in the blade for future sharpening.

Mini Grip, probably the highest price one of the bunch

Delica. Nothing wrong with it. May even sell the Persistence and get the Delica if I chose another of these
Of those choices I would go with the Mini Grip as they are really great knives, and the Axis locks are also great locks. The Delica is another great choice, and you can't go wrong with choosing that knife either, but look into the new full flat grind Delicas.

I had a SOG flash 1, and it was not a very good knife it had terrible play but it was small light weight with a good deep carry pocket clip, and it came very sharp out of the box.
The mini grip is your best bet. The axis lock is a must try if you have not yet.

You will not go wrong with the Delica either, but to me I like the mini grip better.

I HAD a SOG Flash I before. It is somewhere in a land fill. The lock gave way with a small amount of pressure. If I were you, I would stay away from the SOG flash.
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I had a SOG Aegis once. Not a horrible knife, just not very high quality. The safety was redundant, it had a ton of blade play, and the AUS8 got sharp, but needed to be sharpened every time I'd use it more than a little. You can do better and look less tactical for the same amount of cash. Out of those 4 choices I'd go with the Delica or Mini Grip.

However, for about $60 total (shipping included, all "Buy it now" not auction) I was able to get an Izula and order scales off of ebay. If you already have a similar sized folder and need another user knife, try one out. It's a lot more knife for your money than the Grip or the Delica, but YMMV.
Delica or Mini grip. The scallion wouldn't be a bad choice either.
The Spyderco Delica was my first spyderco and one of my favorites. I now own a spyderco caly3 in CF & ZDP-189. I also own a full sized griptilian and have handled a mini grip, so either is good. I owned the SS delica though. The griptilian is an awesome knife if in plain edge, but i loved the delica too. Toss up. Can't go wrong either way.
I own both. I like the option of closing the Mini Grip with one hand. Opening the knife is very fast en smooth. The handle offers a good grip and is comfortable in most grips, but is less ideal for people with large hands. It’s a great knife.

Personally I prefer the Delica. The handle is slightly thinner (it’s easier to carry) and I like VG-10 steel. I also like de Spyder Hole.

You want light? Look at the Kershaw Skyline, a wonderful flipper.

The Delica from you list would be my choice. Skyline and Delica FFG are about the same weight.

I'd like to add the Kershaw Leek in S30V and G-10. About the same weight as the Delica FFG and Skyline. All around 2.3-2.5oz.
Mini-Grip, it's just so smooth. Well worth the extra $10 over the Delica.

I was not impressed with my Delica.
Full sized BM Grip.... oh my bad, that wasn't an option was it?:) Then get the mini grip.
I did, and just one from Spydieguys a blue Delica FFG shipped for $52.85, not a bad price I dont think. Also may get a used Mini Grip, and replace the Persistence, or may keep the Persistence.
Good choice. The Delica and its bigger brother the Endura are very slender in the pocket.

I had a MiniGrip a while back that I tried for a year but ultimately sold it. I did not like the bulkiness of the handle. I love the Axis Lock though which is why I upgraded to a 710 D2. Even with a 4" blade, it just feels more slender than my MiniGrip. I'd keep the Persistence. I have the Tenacious and have been meaning to get the smaller sibling.
1-Benchmade Mini Griptilian
2-Spyderco Delica or better yet a Spyderco Centofante 3
3-Kershaw Scallion though I would prefer a Kershaw Skyline
4-Sog Flash 1
4. Kershaw Scallion - looks really nice, but too small for my liking
3. SOG Flash 1 - also very nice, would prefer over scallion but still too small
2. Bechmade Mini Griptilian - I own the 556 and it's an EXCELLENT knife, but it shipped extremely dull and this upset me greatly since I have no means to sharpen yet
1. Spyderco Delica 4 - I have a green Delica 4 FFG on the way and I'm confident I'll like it more than my Griptilian. I own the Tenacious and it shipped razor sharp, and the quality is unsurpassed for $31 shipped. I can only imagine how awesome a $50 Spyderco will be, and with the color choices the "cool factor" is "through the roof" (As nutnfancy would say). Also overall I think it's a better value than the Mini Grip too.