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Hey guys, what did you get to add to your survival gear, or kit?

Sep 24, 2006
I havn't got any pics yet, as my girl friend took my camera while shes visiting her mother. But I can say, I have now added a 110, and a grohmann survival #4 to my kit list. Also i'm going to pick up some leather(gift card) and im going to make a new housing for my gear. As soon as i can I'll give yas xome pics.

So what do you guys have to add?
Any new tools ya wanna show off?
An IPOD so that I can watch movies and listen to music while I am waiting to be rescued, don't forget a positive mental attitude and good morale is very important in a survival situation. Chris
Santa and everyone else ignored my need for a decent camera this year. While I didn't get anything survival related for Christmas, I did recover some items I had stored on the old family farm over in Arkansas. I guess recovering this stuff sorta counts as "getting" survival related stuff.

One sealed shiping container (the thermoplastic cases like oversized Pelican cases) holds my NBC detection gear and decontamination kits and manuals, and several of the mini survival kits I had mentioned a while back, as well as a couple of Nam era water bladders/floatation bags which may or may not be good now.

Another container is filled with aluminum camp cookware picked up at yard sales over the years, and some huge candles surplussed from a church, and something I had forgotten, a ziploc bag with two jumbo cans of lighter fluid with spare flint packs taped to them, and three zippos with one new spare insert complete.

A third container has five military wool blankets, three more arctic milsurp sleeping bags, and three civilian light weight bags. I think there are ECWS clothes in there too, including flier's leather palm mits and liners, quilted flight suit liners, and mickey mouse boots with felt liners. Several changes of BDUs and M-65 field jackets with liners and fur hoods, three or four surplus ponchos with quilted liners, and a couple of tanker helmet liners and knit watch caps.

Not really sure what else is in there. I glanced thru them, then latched and stashed them in my toolshed for now. I'll have to go back in a few weeks to pick up the rest of my gear. There should be several sealed dewat detcord cans filled for cache lines. All of this stuff has been sealed up rodent and bug proof for ten years, but I am sure that some of it is no good by now.

Does this stuff count?
Not sure if these are all survival related but, for outdoors stuff I got an internal frame backpack, a 3L bladder to go in it, a 1L Nalgene, headlamp, Mini Maglite, trekking poles, and a couple fleece jackets.
I asked my wife for a Gerber folding saw. Unfortunately she couldn't find the Gerber so she picked up a lesser model from TexSport. Its not too bad. I was going to return it and get the Gerber but I think I'll hang on to it and get a smaller Gerber/Fiskars for use away from home.

It has steel liners at the joint, a plastic lock with a steel insert/cross pin, and has little blade play (side to side). It even as a "half-stop" that locks the blade at about 3/4 closed to keep it from closing on your fingers if you're careless.

Also got a Carhart Arctic Duck coat. I know cotton isn't a favorite around here but its for daily wear. It goes real well with the Akubra Snowy River hat she got me last month for our anniverasry ;) .

Got some cash left over so I'll be picking up some more gear this week. Some fire starting tools and a small bag to use as an add-on to the BK7 sheath/PSK.
Leatherman Wave/C301 gift pack
Coleman Inyo Solo Tent
AMK heatsheets emergency bivvy
AMK ultralight 0.7 FAK
Survivorman Season 1
and IOU's for a Coleman F1 backpacking stove and a Wenger Alps Mtn or Santa Rosa Mummy sleeping bag (didn't get here yet)
a Vic Trekker SAK
and a ten pack of cc sized fresnel lenses (good fire starters if you have a little sun)
Got a wool watchcap, Frost SwAK in 12c27, MP1 tabs and a Schatt & Morgan Mtn. Man lockback.

I've allways wanted a mtn. man knife. never think to get one when I have the money, just want one when i see one and remember it.
dedicated survival....nothing. I did get a Bradley Mayhem (the nicest Balisong I've ever seen) and two Douk Douk's. As well as a couple quilted flanels, new Smartwool socks. oh, and $50 Sportsman Warehouse certificate as well as $100 for REI (that one, I'm sure was physically painful for my poor father to pick up)

Rumor has it I have a queen stag Mtn Man in 1095. Supposedly my mom got it for me but I have to wait till the next time I see her to get it, maybe I can talk her in to driving up this weekend.:( Chris

Rumor has it I have a queen stag Mtn Man in 1095. Supposedly my mom got it for me but I have to wait till the next time I see her to get it, maybe I can talk her in to driving up this weekend.:( Chris

You're gonna like it. Mine came with the ats34 and I would have prefered the 1095, but Queen errors in the heat treat of the ats34 on the soft side, so it isn't too brittle. At least, that's what I've read on it from other owners.

Queen takes care of it's customers, so if there are any problems with the knife, such as lateral movement when the blade is locked in place, fit/finish, etc., contact them and they'll take care of it. Again, this info comes from current owners/users of Queen and Schatt & Morgan knives.
got a becker bk9,a mosin-nagant m-44and a buck110,also a street scrapper4 comming soon.it was a fine christmas.
I got a few new items and a chance to try them out when i went camping yesterday into today. It would have been longer but my buddy had a family emergency and we had to go home.

A duck canvas shirt jacket, a bivi sack, a really cool sony handy cam with nightshot.
My wife fed my fetish for survival containers by giving me this, thanks to the metal container thread.

I haven't tried to boil water in it yet, but I'll let you know how it works. I was a little dissapointed in that the latches are pop-riveted to the sides, not spot welded. (Maybe because it is aluminum.)