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Hideaway Knives by Gingrich and Brock

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Jul 14, 2003
I have for sale;

Front Sight (FS) Hideaway knife by Justin Gingrich of Ranger Knives in S30V w/ Trainer. Comes with a bag of attachment goodies. Capsule dimensions are 1.47" by .74"- $175....NOW $150.....Traded.

http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s552/walkingman16/KIMG0440 1_zpsmmvwpylq.jpg

Front Sight (FS) Hideaway Claw by Ken Brock, include extra sheath, capsule is 1.5" by .75" -- $125...NOW $85...SOLD.

http://i1305.photobucket.com/albums/s552/walkingman16/KIMG0435 1_zpsqjdrjgzk.jpg

I will also sell both knives together for $225

I accept paypal, cashiers check, or money orders.

I will ship at my cost via USPS, insured with delivery tracking in the Continental U.S. If you need shipping OCONUS or via another carrier I will accommodate you at your expense.

The first "I'll take it" posted in the thread gets the item to avoid any bruised feelings if there is more than one person interested.
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Edited. Additional item posted accidentally. Split to a new thread.
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I am assuming you are asking about the SK-5? (posted in this thread accidentally btw/split to a new thread) It is 9 3/4" OAL. 4 7/8" blade, thickness is hair under 3/16...it mikes out to exactly .184"
Both knives still available.

I have to eat some serious crow here. I purchased the DLC coated claw style HAK from FS in 05 or 06 under the auspices of it being a Mick Strider ground knife. ja2072 bought to my attention that the markings did not appear consistent for a Strider. After doing some research I figured out that this knife was actually done by Justin Gingrich of Ranger knives.

I apologize for having misidentified the knife in my original post and can only assure everyone that my intention was not to be misleading.
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