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Hinderer, Les Voorhies, Spyderco, Cold Steel, Customs, Fixed Blades, Straight Razor

Discussion in 'Trade: Knives & Tools' started by ern1911, Jun 10, 2020.

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    Oct 7, 2013
    Les Voorhies LV11, LSCF scales overlayed on bronzed titanium framelock with bronzed hardware -
    Absolutely awesome knife, super smooth, great action and flipper design, flies out everytime, great handle contouring and finish, does not look used as far as I can tell, I just got this in a trade and it took over a month to arrive from international shipping. My only gripe with it is that it has some lock rock when you crank on the blade with your hand which I wasn't aware of, cannot feel any play while shaking it, no lock slip or flex, so it doesn't affect the knife at all and it's still super solid and good to go.

    Raymond Johnson RJII Custom Liner, ~3in 52100 steel blade with g10 and carbon fiber scales -
    Very neat folder from an up and coming fixed blade maker, great lockup, no play or flex at all, a slimmer carrying folder that is super smooth and has a unique look, the match between the handle materials isn't the best and the blade itself has a few like scuffs in the right lighting, but pretty much a steal for a full custom of this caliber in my opinion.

    Hinderer XM-18 3in, white/gray g10, framelock
    I do not know a ton about the different generations and all that, but this is a really great example of Hinderer Knives in general, very solid and slim 3in XM-18 with white/gray g10 show side and titanium framelock, perfect detent and flipping action that flies out every time on this one. The only reason I am looking to sell (or trade) this one is because I am looking to upgrade to a 3.5in after falling in love with the design.

    Cold Steel Tiger Claw in CTS-XHP -
    A very nicely done karambit design of Andrew Demko in CTS-XHP, I was pretty surprised how slim this one was in the pocket, it's easy to handle and easy to open, it's in pretty good shape and beside a little minor discoloration on one of the scales and a mark on the karambit ring, it hasn't seen much use.

    Spyderco Chokwe in CPM-S30V -
    An awesome discontinued Spyderco in CPM-S30V with a 3.75in blade and g10/titanium framelock scales. This is the size the Watu should have been in my opinion instead of going smaller, but they're both great blades and the size difference gives everyone more options, in good shape with solid lockup except for one of the pocket clip screw heads broke off.

    CH Nighthawk in S35VN with carbon fiber and anodized titanium framelock
    This is the newer version of the CH Nighthawk with the blue anodized titanium framelock, carbon fiber show scale, and S35VN blade. Nothing but good things to say about this knife, great size, carries well, great flipper, action, and rock solid lockup, you can't go wrong with this knife and these materials for the price point.

    Revolt Knives Sulu
    Pretty uniquely designed folding knife from a company I hadn't heard of before, think the blade steel is 7 or 8crv, but it features a cool mechanism where the blade can be slid down into the handle when it is opened (after releasing the liner lock) to turn it into an ulu knife which features a button lock mechanism for release.

    Colt USA CT12 -
    Pretty unique knife made by Colt that uses the wheels "cylinders" at the pivot area to rotate the blade open and closed. A cool collector piece I randomly bought at a gun show one time that I figured someone else would probably appreciate more than me.

    Triple C Cutlery Custom Extra Thick Hunter in 440c with Custom Leather Sheath -
    A nice custom fixed blade hunting knife in 440c with a custom leather sheath to go along with it, the handles are very thick stag ideal for use with gloves in the winter time and the blade, which features a brass guard, is a uilitarian drop point design which is great for use as an all around hunting knife.

    Case Lightweight Hunter (like new with box and sheath) - $40:

    LT Wright Lagom in O1 (like new with box and sheath) - $120: SOLD

    Soligen Germany Bresduck Dubl Duck Straight Razor -
    A straight razor that I don't know too much about, marked Bresduck Dubl Duck with Soligen, Germany as the place of origin, I am posting it for sale to someone who might know more about it and appreciate it in their collection more than I do.
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