Hinderer XM-18 3.5" (SOLD); Benchmade 20cv g10 griptilian; cold steel lot; ZT0562CF (SPF)


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Jul 30, 2015
I decide to sell a few folders. No trade. Prices are all firm unless you are a well established BF member with 100% positive feedback though the margin of negotiation will still be slim. Payment through PayPal G&S and I cover all fees and shipping with USPS priority. All come with the factory packaging. Say sorry to international friends as you are not considered for this sale. Any questions or requests for more pictures shall be directed to my email at sharpedge099 at gmail. Post in this thread only "I'll take xxx" or via PM. I reserve my right to deal or not deal to anyone. Will ship within 24 hours of payment.

Hinderer XM-18 3.5" DLT exclusive working finish M390 no-choil black g10 skinny slicer (damn that's a long name). I am the first owner. Never carried or cut anything. I did disassembled it to test out the PB washers set-up and it is great. In doing so I rubbed the presentation side of the blade a bit (see picture, which brings out the worst of it) but it really does not show up in natural light. Reasons for sale: Lost patience of waiting for RHK hardware/scales; have another skinny slicer. Everything else is perfect. $OLD






Benchmade griptilian 20cv g10 full size and mini. Picked up as new from here and I never carried, used, or sharpened either. Action is smooth / fall shut, and no blade play in any direction. The mini has a slight scratch on the show side of the blade close to the pivot area from the factory but if it is really hard to see. Mini is SOLD. $135 for the full size.

Hogue Ritter4 M390 blade g10 full size. The knife is flawless. I have also the orange 20cv which I decide to keep. Lanyard and ti bead for free but if you don't liek I can take off but the price won't change. $OLD






Cold Steel bundle. Cold Steel is dying and these are panic purchases. But I realize I do not need them and I don't care if Cold Steel exists or not tomorrow. The bundle contains 4 Max Scout, Ad-15, and Tuff Lite. All bought from dealers and none has been used. Did sharpened the tuf lite and damn isn't it sharper. All of them are centered, no play, no scratch, and no nothing. Same as above - if you don't like the lanyards I'll remove them with my Spyderco but the price remains the same. Split the bundle and the AD-15 is gone. 4 Max Scout + Tuf Lite for $100.




ZT 0562CF. Bought new from here and remains so. The knife is flawless. The best of 10+ ZTs that I have ever had. SPF.



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