Home Defensive Knives, which do you use?????

Mar 19, 1999
hey people, i was just interested, the home is probably a good place an armed assailant will most likely try and rob you or attack you, which knives do you have for home pretection, mine are as follows. I always sleep with and have by my side a Next Gen. KABAR, with leather sheath for a silent withdraw. And no matter where i am in my household, i always carry my g-10 civilian, and if that is not enough, i can always count on my SIG P226, and my remington 12 gauge.
Right next to my bed is a Ontario Bowie Machete. It is sharp as a razor!!Since concealment isn't an issue I figure that size has it's advantages.
Hmmm... My home defense knives are a Glock 23 .40 caliber and a Remington 870 12 gauge.


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Well.....I have my 28" Japanese Katana next to my bed and my Glock 22 (40 cal) with Glazer silvers to punctuate my intent.

I have a TOPS storm rider in the bedstand. With a 3 year old son, the guns have to stay in the safe. i can have one out in about 20 seconds, but the knife is right at hand. I can't imagine the dogs letting soemone sneak in, but you just never know.
For those of you who are thinking of using a Machette or a sword STOP!

Although it sounds good try to swing it in your house or close quarters and you will find yourself in a very bad situation hitting walls and the ceiling.

For home defense try a knife no longer than about 12"-14". An 18" Machette is about the limit or reasonable use.

My soon to be home defense knife will be a Busse Battle Mistress.

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I've never kept any guns in my house, but I do keep a fixed blade under the bed and a couple of long throwers within easy reach.


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A knife for home defense?

If anyone gets past 2 very large ( 275 lbs. combined ), very unfriendly dogs and then can get past a Glock 27 (.40 cal.),I figure that I'll have to slice and dice them with one of my handmade bowies.
Hopefully, this scenario will never happen because I can just imagine the paperwork afterwards.

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My guard dogs greeted an apartment maintenance guy with wagging tails and glee. Last time I get an attack chihuahua or a junkyard Boston Terrier.

Seriously though, my home defense knives are 5 rounds of 00 Buck coming out of Benelli 12 guage. If that doesn't stop them, the AR-15 should.

I'm a firm believer in the "Stay in the bedroom and shoot whoever comes through the door" doctrine these days. Maybe when I have kids, I'll do house clearing, but it won't be with a knife.


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I have a Katz Alley Kat on my bedside table. I'm not sure why, though, as you could steal my mattress and I wouldn't wake up. I also have a non-firing replica of a Colt Navy revolver, on the premise that any imaginary thingies that come in the night should logically be affected by a toy gun


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Mike my machete is the short blade bowie style...but visions of slicing up my walls and ceiling are quite funny.
Primarily a stainless Taurus 85CH snubnose loaded with .38 Spl 125-gr JHP +P rounds; backed-up by a Philippine made fighter-survival knife with 8" ball bearing steel blade, hardwood handle and brass guard and pommel; my new serrated 440V Military; and, my trusty Endura II.

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Next to the bed:

- 16" blade hunting knife.

- All my BM's.

- Remington 870 Home Defense 18" barrel and 3 shot extension tube.

- 155 rounds of 000 Buck Shot.

- 4 D Maglite.
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Ah, finally, somebody mentions a flashlight. It seems the rest of you are planning to take the proverbial shot (or thrust as the case may be) in the dark.

And just how many of you have a cell phone in the bedroom too? Oh, and, "I always take my portable with me into the bedroom when I turn in," doesn't cut it. The one time you forget and leave it out in the car will be the time you need it.

And how many of us have a set of house keys with a big, red, reflective thing attached to them that we can throw out the window so that arriving police don't have to break down the front door?


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I always have a Cold Steel mini tanto next to my bed, and a 14" camp knife in a nearby

I also have a 80 pound rednose American Pit Bull Terrier, though extremely menacing in
appearance he is only capable of licking someone into submission.
I have a CS Kobun and an ASP-style baton stashed safely yet accessibly in the downstairs of my house, and always sleep with a fixed blade within arm's reach of me. However I do remember seeing a cheap knife from United called the Shark Hunter which I thought would be perfect for home or auto defense. It had a double edged, fully serrated blade about 12 inches long that came to a spear point. It just looked nasty!
well next to my bed is a "hell's belle"
bagwell bowie and it should work fine
if the s#@! hit the fan i have a browning
high power with balck talon ammo.to clear
the point.
if you cant wait two years for a bagwell
take a look at ontario bagwell bowies,
they look and feel just like the original
and are almost as goog[good stuff].
check it out.
I love threads like these...I guess I can say that all my home defense knives go "BANG!!" as well...

I have a few kitchen knives that would work well in a pinch too...

An old english made machete from the 60's or early 70's is resting on a shelf, ready to bite. And a 6D maglite next to my bed.

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I'll add my name to the list of people who opt for things that go BANG.

S&W .38 special next to the bed. An AFCK on the dresser (though I don't see myself actually collecting that if the dog is telling me someone is in the house). A flashlight also lives on the nightstand (24-7), and the cell phone sleeps on the dresser with the AFCK.

I must admit I like the idea of the key-drop...never thought of that. But anyway, if the cops break down my front door, it's ugly anyway. *shrug*


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