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Hossom Millenium Texican !

Nov 8, 1999
Hi Folks, this is to give you a look at my new custom knife,{the Millenium Black Texican} by Jerry Hossom.

Earlier this year when I was looking at the posts about Jerry's knives, I was fascinated by the big bowies he made, but wanted a smaller version of one.

He was gracious enough to listen to me & try to shrink his Bowie down from a 14 inch blade to 5.5 inches & this is the result. Isn't it beautiful?

The blade is made out out of CPM-3V steel, 5.5 inches long & the handles are made out of the most beautiful pieces of Snakewood that I've personally ever seen.

It's off getting a sheath made for it right now, so I will hopefully be able to give you guys a more in-depth review of it later.

I welcome any comments or questions about it. Thanks!



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It's a beauty. Never seen a wood with that contrast pattern before. Really cool. :}

AKTI #A000356
Thanks Sing, I really like the look of Snakewood & hoped that the wood that Jerry put on this knife would be good. But this surpasses all my expectations. Jerry told me that this wood is Exhibition Grade or above & I believe him. This one will be a knife I hopefully can pass on to one of my grandsons. I can't hardly wait for it to get to me. The waiting is tough......

A very pretty knife. Good picture. Must add knife to wish list. Good work, Jerry.

Ive heard of tin cans, but whats a texi can? and whats it good for??? will it pass the hermancan test??? (_!_) Are you sure thats not a taxican?? Too bad Jerrys in New Orleans and cant post here...LOL>>> :-?
Jerry's in New Orleans?? KEWL

Let's see, how can I bust his.........
Oh well,
That's another HOT looking Hossom Fighter, and yes that is some fine looking snake wood!! I would be a VERY proud owner if that were mine!!!

Talonite, new pics, knives in stock!

Hey Tom, I'd be careful about making fun of Texicans,(people from Texas} if I were you, a lot of them have BIG Bowie knives & might just take offense

I think this knife MIGHT survive Cliff Stamp or Tim Herman, but there's no way I'd let them get their hands on it. It's much too beautiful to take a chance.

I'm thinking about doing a few cutting tests with it when I get it. Nothing like Cliff or Gaucho would do though. I don't care if this knife can cut a leg of lamb or not. I think this will probably be about the ultimate combination hunter/fighter knife for me.

Thanks Neil, it is some beautiful Snakewood. By the way, I really like your American Ninja, great looking knife.

*Attention* This is a Hype-Free post about Jerry Hossom's knives


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3V-more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound... supersteel!!!...got some today in the mail from jerry... thanks brudda

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That sure is a pretty handle! Methinks that you can surely bed a young wench by simply showing her that knife!

Welcome to the Hossom gang, where we show off our knives to the chicks, just so that we can SCORE!

Wow! That snakewood is fantastic. Your Texan is truly a work of art. Congratulations, and as Mr.G so aptly put it, welcome to the gang



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

Thanks for all the kind words guys.

Tom, believe it or not I think Jerry's right about 3-V in a finished knife. I have another one of his knives in 3-V,(the Millenium Black 8" Fighter that Gaucho tested} & so far I have not seen a speck of rust on it. Maybe after the steel is heat-treated & surface polished it acts differently.

Mr.G & Gaucho, thanks for the welcome into the gang. Jerry did an outstanding job of creating what I wanted into this knife.

I'm not really a big fan of wood (or stag, or bone. I seem to prefer bolder colors), but that is beautiful !

Simon Yu

"I look at it this way. If things get much worse I'll be too dead to care."
Hey Tom I dont have any 3V and I have never been to HI. But if HI. is anything like P.R. I dont know that anything short of titanium will withstand the rusting monster. When I go to visit I keep my stuff clean but if I leave anything out overnight including ATS 34 it gets spots. I have seen my mothers appliances disintegrate almost in front of my eyes. Tough environment for cutlery unless your willing to do a little maintance. Is the environement similar. Hot, somewhat steamy and enough salt in the air to make it palatable. If so what steels have you had alot of success with ?


It probably hotter where you like, otherwise the same...I dont use ANY simple steels and stopped using D2 after a lot of bad exeriences with rust.....I stick to the hi chrome modern tool steels, especially CPM-V stuff and I LOVE TALONITE!


Thanks for those kind remarks folks. I just got home from the Big Easy, and I can honestly say, I am very happy to be here and not there.

OK, now to put Tom in his place again...

CPM-3V rusts easily before it is heat treated and finished. Afterwards, I have found it to be at least as rust resistant as D2. I have let water drops dry on finished blades in my shop without any sign of rust. Might I also add, things don't dry real fast here in the steamy swamp. Kit Carson and I were discussing this with the Crucible folks at the Guild Show, and we both felt it was remarkably stain resistant, given it has only 7.5% Chrome. One reason is that the Vanadium grabs all the carbon in the steel, so the heat treated material is small grained (no Chromium Carbides) and rust resistant because all the Chrome present is free.

Anyway, thanks again for the nice comments. And for all those who have emailed me to change their knife orders to Snakewood, I'm sorry but that piece was one-of-a-kind.

Jerry Hossom
The Tom & Jerry Show
with greatest apologies to all....I must confess I have NEVER used the stuff and dont have a clue how easy it rusts.....I am SORRY. I stoped using D2 because of rust problems...and I have seen it compared to that. I live in a place where the humidity is 75% all the time....it rains every day or nite, and all around this little place is the biggest salt pond in the world, with a constant sea breeze blowing the salt spray into every nook and cranny...so that is why I hate rust...cause its EVERYWHERE..heck..even 440c rusts here!! Any good knife steel needs a little care.. and I am certain that any additional care that is needed for 3V is well compensated by all the superlative qualities on the other side of the coin...


I SEE! I knew you woul dpost to brag about your knife in more detail HART
so snakewood it is.. a fine specimen. I should hunt for some now cause I knwo I want that for one of my newer projects.. ah aespada y daga Jerry?
ah i am a hopeless fanatic.. I envy your handles HART. sweet deal.

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That knife is gorgeous! But, of course what else would you expect from Jerry? One word of warning about the snakewood. I have seen a lot of snakewood crack. Jerry has probably solved that minor problem by having this piece stabilized, but it wouldnt hurt to keep a coat of Ren Wax on that awesome wood. Hmm, I wonder if that knife could be done in presentation grade ironwood?

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