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How are people getting these eBay coupons??

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Jan 26, 2019
So I always hear people mention how they "took the plunge" on a knife using eBay coupons. if I remember right they usually mention 15-20% off anything.
How and where are they getting these coupons!!?
I've used eBay off and on for a long time and Ive never received anything like that :/
There are a few different types. Some are from the larger store groups, some of which carry knives, they tend to be generic and come up on coupon searches. Some are rewards for selling of buying, and tend to be personalized. Some seem to be a bit random. Making sure that you allow all the ads and notifications is really the best way to get them, but... I've only ever gotten one or two "anything" coupons and they were pretty small. Often the bigger ones will be for a category. Also Ebay does a lot of regional sales so depending on where you live you may get more or less. They tend to be very short term (48-72 hours) Honestly though, most of the coupons are there to drive an impulse buy, 20% off something at 25% markup isn't a good deal, but people will jump at it.
Like once a month eBay usually throws out a random 15-20% off coupon up to a certain amount. If you look at the subreddit “KnifeDeals” you can see when eBay has those coupons. They are usually just posted on the front page of eBay, but I think you can sign up for email notifications also
They also have eBay Bucks, where you earn a % back from purchases, and then each quarter (I think) you can apply it to a purchase.
For me they usually pop up on the home screen in the app. I’ll get the occasional email as well.
They did them maybe once every 2 weeks all Fall and almost weekly right before Christmas. Have not seen once since though. usually good for about 24 hours, sometimes only 12 hours, 10%, 15% or rarely 20%.