How did you become a knife knut?

Jan 13, 1999
One summer on my way home from college, I stoped at Solvang, CA for lunch and walked into Nordic Knives. The elderly salesman there was kind enough to show me the then new Emerson Commander. Even though I was clearly broke.

After that day I just knew I had to have it. Looked all over the net, and finally got refered here via Mr. Mattis' site.

Well, how did you start out?

I was in Australia having a vacation in Melbourne while i was still in my first year of my working life, and i stumbled upon a 'REAL' knife shop. Non of that sporting goods cum knife shop here in Malaysia but a true MOMMA whole shop full with knives kind! As you can guess, i was a budgeted traveler and the Gerber E-Z out is the only one i can affort. But it was good enough for me....
This was my true knife and not considering the school days boy scout camping knives made from Taiwan.
After the trip, i got myself a knife mag.(Blade) and i too stumbled on to Bladeforums.
The rest? History....I'm a certified knife nut now.
Oh! And BTW, thanks for reading.

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It must have been when I was 11 years old or so, and I saw a pocket knife in a souvenir shop. My mother said no, and I guess she now wishes she hadn't said that.
I'll have to go with Mr Blonde's story...My Mom said no..that is also what got me into guns...Thanks Mom..

p.s. Now My Mom carries oftentimes two knives and owns three or four guns....I can only hope to learn as much from my children when I have some.

Hi there ya´all!!
Short answer: in 1972 i was born...
That´s the way it is!!

Be well!
Jonas aka 2Sharp

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I believe it happened to me while reading The Hobbit as a kid. Bilbo's sword, Sting, drew my attention. After that, the rest was history. I still long for a Mithril coat!
My dad and both my grandpa's always carried a pocket knife of some kind. I thought everyone did. But that in itself doesn't make you a "knifeknut" i guess, as they didn't have a drawer full like now do.
I read Jim Bowie at some point in grade school, and that fanned some romantic flames, as I sometimes think about that book, although I really can not remember much about it. Don't even know now how much of it was fact or fiction.

I think liking knifes are somewhat like hunting, fishing, and even gardening. I bet that sounds weird, and I'll try to explain.

Some guys, even though not born in a hunting family, HAVE to hunt. They don't know why, but it is in they're system. A mutet gene that has resurfaced from ancestors. Pretty deep stuff from a shallow mind, huh?!

Same for fishing and gardening,the act of bringing food home for the family.

Knifes?---Same thing I think. Mans oldest tool to bring home food and make a living with. Of course making a living was simply surviving.

Why do you set around in front of the T.V. at night holding one of your ("edged tool's) and don't tell me you don't!
Your great great great great Etc. grandpa did the same thing in front of his fire.

Lets see, what was the question? Oh yeah, how do you become a knife knut?
I guess 2sharp was right. Just being born!
When I was about six....I was out at the Skeet range w/ my family and my grandmother found this very tiny pocket knife and gave it to me.....from that day on I was never w/ out a knife...exept of course while attending school. My grandfather gave me my first fixed blade knife when I was about 10 and A couple years later I got a hold of a Smokey Mountain Knife Co. Catalog and I have progressed from there.
I always had one knife or another as a kid, but was not really a knife knut. About 11 years ago, a friend of mine started me down this path. I guess he got tired of me asking to borrow his knife, or watching me fumble around with keys to open a box. The next time I saw him, he gave me a Swiss Army Knife, a Victorinox Pioneer model. The few knive I had gone through up until then were cheapos that never served all that well. To actually have a great knife like that SAK really gave me the bug to have more great ones, and learn about them. At that time, he had a Cold Steel Master Tanto, believe me, I though he was nuts when I found out how much it cost. Boy, how the years have changed me, now I dont think it unreasonable to pay 100 dollars for a good knife, and my wifey-poo got me a new Sebenza. Ok, not only am I a certified knife knut, but I tend to ramble as well, so I will end this here.
I was given a Barlow knife when I was seven, but what really got me going was the movie, "The Iron Mistress," with Alan Ladd and then the tv show, "The Jim Bowie Show". I still find myself singing the theme song.

Walk in the Light,

I'd have to say that it was the Guns & Ammo 1989 Combat Knives magazine that really got me interested in knives. I read it cover to cover many times. Still have it, although the pages are yellow now. I had knives before getting that magazine, but I had no clue about custom knives and hi-end production knives.

K. Williams
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I became a knifenut when I was five when my Dad let whittle with his yellow handled Imperial jack knife. At the time we were living in the Phillipines and Dad had just gotten a furlough from Vietnam. I have been a knife collector ever since.
I have had an unexplainable draw towards knives my entire life. I still don't know why I love them. I just do.

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Cut Finger-

Did you do any Filipino Martial Arts training when you were there?

K. Williams
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No, I didn't do any training. I was only in kindergarten. But my Dad, who is now deceased
did buy two large knives made by the Negrito people of the Phillipines which I now own.
When I was about 10 years old my uncle gave me a big stack of knife magazines. Until I was 15 I collected several scout folders and some interesting fruit knives. Over the years I either lost them or gave them away (my dad still has my first cub scout knife). It wasn't until I was ~30 that I started getting back into knives. It's much more interesting now.... maybe because I have more money to spend on toys now than I did when I was 10!
In the early 80's I started hunting and began looking for a good hunting knife. After going thorugh about 3 or 4 I finally found one that I liked. I used to hit the Dallas gun show regularly and began to notice the custom knifes. I had always thought they were out of my price range and were for snobs. After talking to some of the makers I changed my attitude and bought a few custom jobs. Then I started reading and learning about steels and just what goes into making a quality knife. I remain overwhelmed at what some of these artisans are capable of.
I was about 8 years old when my Dad impressed me with all the neat stuff he could do with his Victorinox SAK. That got me hooked. I've been a preparedness nut ever since. You can't be a preparedness nut without also being a knifenut, IMHO.


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I was born in a land of cutlery (Nogent en Bassigny, France) and the hammer sound was the first sound who wake me up when I was napping...
You can't cure that.

For me it started with Swiss Army knives, you know how every kid wants one. After a while, I figured that 90 percent of the time I needed my SAK it was for the knife blade. Disappointed with how quickly my SAK would lose it's edge, I went on the net to seek out better knives; that's when I found Bladeforums. There's no turning back now.