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Nov 16, 1998
Can't remember if this question has been brought up here before or not ( that age thing setting in again ), but how did you members end up here?

What I can remember is: First there was only the Benchmade Forum, that is where I started at. Then, the Cold Steel Forum came about (which is no longer there). From there the evolved. Mike T. from what I remember posted this link on one of the forums which is how I ended up on the After a while, Mike with Spark developed So off I went to this forum. Good move for Mike and Spark, now it is the best forum (in my opinion) and the largest forum (which is fact)!

I have been here since first came about, but had to re-register later and again here.

Thanks to Mike & Spark for this fine place to be at! So, how did you all find this fantastic place?


" Knife Collectors Are Sharp People

During some back and forth emailing with Rob Simonich while ordering a new knife, he mentioned the Forums to me, and I've been here ever since!
Transfered over from Knifeforums the day Spark and Mike started this one and have been here ever sense.
I did a seach on Metacrawler for "craziest bunch of nuts" and this site rated number 1 with a bullet

I found out about BladeForums through Benchmade's forum. It all started when I bought my 9100S Auto Stryker and decited to see if BM had a website. They did, and well, that's how it all began with BM's Forum and BladeForums. I only have about 80 or so posts here, while I have around a total of 170 on BM's. -AR
New to the knife scene I wanted to find the value of a Kershaw Trooper. I found the MIRC chat and a guy name Blues told me to check this site out if I wanted to learn more about knives. I was here in November, then had to reregister. The rest is history.


Sal said
"Go there, read, write and report..."
Now I cant get off....

I come ohvur from nifefourems.kroms, I didunt fiht in ohvur thayur. Ohvur hear ya aint gotsta spel to good ta fiht in.


I know exactly what you mean! Maybe it is a good thing I can only be here during the weekdays.

By the way Danelle, great company you work for!

After listening to my bro, DonL, talk about sharp pointy things for a while, he dangled the proverbial carrot on a stick by giving me a Calypso Jr. He said if I wanted to find out about other cool stuff, check this place out. I've checked out a couple other forums, but this place is the best! (gratuitious pat on the back for all of you)

Ron L
Is that thing shar...OW!
I waded through the whole rec.knives/knifeforums mess and began lurking here as soon as the site opened. Registered not too long there after, and now can't get a d**n bit of work done on the computer without checking for new posts first.

Things are more like they are today
than they have ever been before.

I was searching for metallurgy info using Alta Vista and hit Chai Cutlery. This led to Knifeforum and on to here. It was definitely one of my luckier days.

What a place to hang out. Take Care.

Yeah Mark we've visited this question before, but it's always fun to revisit. I've been thru rec.knives and knifeforums too and wound up here with all the knife nuts and reprobates (I represent that accusation).

I still visit those other places like some of you here, but I spend the most (too much) time here because of the ambience.
Here is the URL to my first post.

I believe we have kept our word on the plans here and added a few we had not even invisioned back then.

Sal asks how this all started

So this will give you insight to how this place started which also tells you how I got here.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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When I got a home PC I would search out the knife sites. I think I found the Benchmade forum first, then Knifeforums. When Mike and Spark opened this site I came over here.


You mean this is real? I thought I was having a fantasy (I know, I know, get a life
little fat boy),Chris.

I really dont remember how I got here...though itw as early on when BF started...I must be a "plank owner" or something...

5 years ago I was buying gun magazines like crazy... then I bought my first gun... reading the gunzines (specifically Combat Handguns) I noticed the knife ads and knives pictured together with the guns... our office got Internet access and I subscribed to all the gun email lists (Glock, HK, SIG, Beretta, 1911, NAA, tactics, etc)... interest in guns waned and was replaced by knives... started reading reviews at KCI and contacted Dexter Ewing... saw BF URL on his signature.... visited BF and KF and got to like BF better (friendlier atmosphere)... unsubscribed from all gun email lists and now totally hooked with BF... end of story (whew!).

PS ... got to win last month's Military -- proving that not all addiction is bad!