How does Duncan McCloud hide his sword?

Aug 14, 1999
I watched the Highlander series from time to time and always wondered what kind of rig does he use to conceal that yard long decapitator?

The only thing that I can figure out is that the actor doesn't have it on him until its time for a fight seen. One thing is for sure, those "immortals" must never move to warm climates. A long trench coat in Miami? Give me a break! Any ideas?

"But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip; and he that hath no sword let him sell his garment and buy one." -Jesus Christ (Luke 22:36) See John 3:15- 18

How does he hide that damn thing?????????


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I just got off the phone with Duncan. He says he is currently using a concealex scabbard sewn into the liner of the trenchcoat. Claims that VideoSAS made it for him. Oh yeah, he said to tell you that when he's in Miami he carries his large Sebenza!
I've always wondered the same thing. Also, ever notice how all immortals use all swords interchangeably, using the same styles of swordplay for all without regard for design?
For example, the guy who plays Ritchie seems to favor fencing techniques with a katana . . . .
Hides it up his wazoo no doubt. It might hurt him a little but he has had over four hundred years of practice in reverse sword swallowing and he can only be killed if his head is cut off so who gives a hoot about his intestines?
the scabbard must be made of metal since it makes that hollywood swish/scrape sound when he draws it. Or does he hang it, point up, from his ponytail clip???? Or does it fold up?!!!!
That's why I think Xena is much more realistic.... You can see the big huge sheath that she carries the big huge sword in, hanging over her back!! Plus she is anatomically designed to balance it all out!
That Ring shaped knife thing is cool too... I was thinking of making one but if I put all that time into it and it didn't come back I would be bummed out!!!!!!

To be honest, I've always thought he stuck a big ole magnet on his belt. Seriously, there are times they NEVER do a resheathing motion, just opening the coat and placing the sword inside.

Xena's chakram is based on a smaller Indian weapon, a Quoit, I believe. A small razor sharp throwing tool.
The standard answer among some of my friends is "he has amazing control over certain muscles."

Don't know how he hides the sword. Could be an editing thingy.

There are rumors of a Highlander 4. Nooooo. Might rent the video though. Not sure how reliable backstage-pass is, just started looking at them today.

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Actually his trench was designed by the makers of "Snoopy's" doghouse.(remember how much stuff that thing held?

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LOL! You guys are too much. I thought my post was over the edge, but you got me. Dr. Lathe, you had my sides splitting when I read yours!
Dr. Lathe: You must have excellent judgement as to how you will catch the unsharpened part of that ring when it' s on its way back.

As to the answer to this post: the same way Batman carrys his Batshield!

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No the Doc just has the chainmail glove he lifted off the kid from "The Roadwarrior." It's amazing how that tough looking little kid put up no struggle whatsoever when he took it from him. Hey Doc...where's my cut of his lunch money? (just kidding...) :)
The ring somehow just appears in her hand... Your eye is drawn away by her striking a pose to catch it! Clever editing, It works everytime with me..........
One of the blooper reels shows the following scene:

Mac is backed up against a wall caught in the headlights of a van that's about to charge him down (driven by that old friend of his with the drug problem who wanted to kill Richie). He's going to do that clever move where he gets hit but has his sword extended so that the driver is stabbed at the same time. He reaches for his sword... and suddenly everyone realizes that he forgot to grab it before starting the scene! Not to worry, stage hand to the rescue; some guy runs up to Mac's side in the abandoned, empty warehouse, hands him a sword amazingly similar to his own, and runs off again, while the driver waits and laughs.
As any Native Californian can tell you, you catch any sharp flying object with two hands; one on top, and one on the bottom; this assumes that the sharp edge is on the side. Just as a Bushman catches a boomerang.

Hope this helps prevent any amputations, Walt