How Good is D2 Tool Steel?

I love D2, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people say they won’t buy an expensive folder in D2. It’s an outstanding steel in regards to toughness and edge retention and really only has one weakness that I’ve noticed in my usage and that rust, but I oil all my blades regularly anyways so not a problem. If it’s treated right it will perform with super steels.
I'm not a steel geek so I like my D2 knives just fine. I buy the knife maker, not the steel. Others have different criteria and that's cool too.
When compared with other steels like s30v how does D2 tool steel compare? Is there too much of a fluctuation in the various metal percentages of D2 for us to concretely say there is one true version? I would like to know if D2 would make a good survival and bush knife. Chime in with your knowledge everyone!

D2 (assuming all the usual caveats in whatever blade you use: good HT, good edge geometry) is a great, classic steel that provides a lot of bang for the buck. A few purchases within the last year have underscored the value of D2: Ontario Rat 1 and Rat 2 folders, and a Steel Will Roamer camp knife, which frankly would make an excellent value-priced 'survival' bag knife. Although on the Roamer, the factory edge will need some thinning.

With all that said, OP you asked 'when compared with other steels.' In that case and given a choice, I probably wouldn't choose D2 as my top choice, it wouldn't even be in the top 5. This isn't because anything is particularly wrong with D2, I just prefer steels that have other attributes for the tasks of a 'survival and bush knife.' Steels like S30v/S35vn, 20cv/M390, 420HC, CPM 154, and my favorite, Elmax. These steels with good HT and blade design are plenty tough enough for survival tasks, and I really value stainless as well for a knife in that role, which will likely also be used for food prep. Now if trying to economize, yes I would definitely look at something like the Steel Will Roamer, which you can get for roughly half the price of a similar-sized ESEE 6 knife in 1095. D2 is no slouch, and as others have said, it is 'near stainless' due to the chromium content, so I would have no qualms at all about using if I either had to (due to budget limits) or because I just wanted to (due to a great knife design that uses D2, for example a Dozier).
I just love d2!! It holds an edge for a long time. i carry a d2 blade all the time even on my construction job and have no trouble with it. I cut anything with my knives. from shaving my pencil to opening concret bags this steel does it all...
for a outdoors knife I've been beating on my knives of Alaska Bushcamp knife in D2. I've built a shelters with it chopping trees, batoning, carving...etc it did chip in 2 places very small though and were easy to get rid of. I would definitely recommende this knife
Just ordered a Ontario rat 1 model in D2 steel can't wait to try that out!
I've only got good stuf to say about this steel love it for the price it's a win
IMO, D2 has only two downsides : it's not that easy to heat treat and it's not absolutely stainless. So... if you apply minimal care to your blades and buy from a reputable maker, you can hardly buy "better" performance wise.
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