How many do you carry?

Jul 20, 1999
I figure if Ryan can ask what your dresser looks like at night, I can ask how many knives you have on you when you leave the house in the mourning. On work days, I have one of several spyderco choices in my watch pocket, a three blade stockman, the make and model of wich changes with my mood,in my front pocket, and a Schrade LB7 in my back pocket beside my billfold. When I get to work, my nail bags (i am a carpenter) have a Buck 112 in one of the pockets. Am I crazy? Hope not. They just all have a purpose in life,wich after fifteen years of marrige, my wife has quit trying to figure out! When its time to wear something besides jeans, like church or a nice supper in the big city, I have a smaller stockman in my front pocket, or maybe a small thin lockback, again, depending on my mood, a "tactical" folder tucked in the back of my waistband (sorry snick-I used the "T" word), and a neck knife around my neck, especially if an exposed clip is out of the question. Sometimes life would be a lot simpler if I was a "one knife man", but not nearly as fun!
The number of knives on my person at any time has become a standing joke for my wife and non knfe friends.

I carry a CRKT Kiss as my money clip, a Leatherman Micra and a Sebertool M4 on my key ring, and either a Mini Stryker, Mini Socom or Jet Edge 2 in my back pocket by my wallet on a daily basis.
Well, now I don't feel so bad.
~3 Balisongs
1 is a screwdriver/prybar
1 is plain edge for cutting cartons/plastic
1 1/2 serrated for rope/strapping

~1 Spyderco "Q" in my hat, or around my neck

~1 BM 840 Ascent

~1 Generic brand, on my key ring

I've yet to figure out what I'll do with the SIFU.....and the scimitar.....and the Axis....and......

Clay G.

I only carry threeknives on a usual day.
My mini Stryker in my right pocket. My swissarmy knife in my right pocket. And either my Titanium tiger or my REKAT utlity on my neck.
Where-ever I go I always carry my large Sebenza, LM Micra on the keychain and R.J. Martin Kozuka in the truck. At work I add a LM Super-Tool.
I carry only three for normal? daily activity

A Benchmade AFCK
A Spyderco mini Dyad
A ASP mdl. that includes a handcuff key

One of these three handles any job I need to do.

Well, not having really got out of the police mindset (13 years - Military), I generally have 6 or 7. One neck (Stiff KISS), one KISS money clip, one SAK on key ring, SOG Power plier (don't leave home without one), a BM Ascent in rear pocket (best overall utility) and an Emerson Commander in each front pocket.

Attached to the neck cord is a ASP sapphire light and two Photons on my key rings, one read, the other white.

This of course being aside from the daily carry H&K USP compact 45 or duty Glock 19.

The Commanders rule! Read the Flicker thread? Commanders are the fastest into battery yet. Love em. Will probably get more.

Can't have enought of a good thing, no?


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normally 3. Mini socom in sheath on my right side for small cutting. Front right pocket gets BM pinnicale; but that's soon to be exchanged for a wood inlayed Sebenza. And just incase, a Halo II on my left front belt. You never know!!
I usually carry two. On duty I carry my Hatin T.E.C. neck knife and my A.F.C.K. in my right back pocket. Off duty I carry a Hatin T.E.C. neck knife and depending on the weather, either my Tactical-Ops Model#302 interceptor inside the pant or the A.F.C.K.!


I must be boring...I generally only carry one knife, and that is usually a Sean Perkins Seraph or Scaetha. When I am in more casual dress I will occasionally carry my Endura or Calypso. For night walks with the dogs, I will always add either mt Emerson La Griffe or REKAT Fang around the neck. I haven't gone camping yet this year, but you can bet money that the lineup will inlude the Endura, a fixed blade of medium size, one of my kukris, and possibly a machete. What can I say?

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I usually carry two knives: left handed AFCK in front left pocket, spyderco endura in right front pocket.
sometimes i'll wear my schrade WR1 on my leg.

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Usually 3

LT Micra
LT Super Tool
Delica (serrated)

Sometimes a SAK Tinker instead of ST when clothing restrictions apply (seldom.)
Love the Delica, going to get one in plain edge, maybe carry them both, see how that works out. Micra a first rate complement for whatever else I carry.

Six, sometimes seven.

And, from another well-beloved thread:

You know you may be a knife nut when somebody says "Anybody have a knife?" and you say "What kind?"

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I always have multiple knives on my person, but some knives will change with my mood.
Knives that are ALWAYS on me:
1. Buck Minibuck on the keyring.
2. CRKT KISS moneyclip.
3. Victorinos Executive or Classic SAK. (which one depends on mood).

I also carry as a main knife some type of one-hander, which one depends on my mood...usually from Spyderco or Benchmade, though I also have select pieces from Kershaw, Cold Steel, CRKT, and the Buck 110.

If I'm going into a federal building I'll limit myself to one P.C. knife, a Victorinox Executive, or Classic, or a Buck slipjoint pen knife.
Two. One "tactical" folder and one "tactical" neck knife.

Jacko, could you send me picture of your Hatin T.E.C. neck knife?

Usually one. Frequently two or three. On occassion four. Want any more than that and I take a gun
I only carry one knife right now. An AFCK, in my right back pocket. Its all I can afford at present time.

On duty:CRKT PECK as bill clip;CRKT Mirage Gray Ghost Wharncliffe,r/f pocket;BM AFO auto on belt;One of many neck knives.Off duty: same except no AFO, and usually a Carnivour(or Boker Brend) tucked somewhere handy.

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