How many girls are here??

Aug 2, 1999
Believe or not but there are girls who are interested in knives. I am sure I am not the only one here...
My daughter is one also. She currently only lurks here.

You are not alone. BladeForums is a large community.
I'm not a girl, so that rules me out....
There are some here, just not a large amout. A lot of girls just don't like knives, thou I can't imagine why....
I am a man, but I've noticed there are not many gals interested in knives. However spoons....that's a different story. If you had a clothing and makeup forum, you'd probably have every gal with a computer as a member!

My wife is into knives insofar as she actually knows knife anatomy and the rudiments of field sharpening. We often go hiking on remote or off-trails with only a compass and a topo map so she knows enough about knives that she carries a Fallknive F1, a BM Asccent and a Leatherman WAVE in the woods. However she doesn't shoot the breeze about knives like she does about packs and boots and such. I have come to believe that there is something to the stereotype that guys are simply more fascinated by the minutae of their tools while women tend to be primarily interested in whether they work or not. Oh yeah, knife weight is something my wife is more critical about than I am. Guess the mind of every person is just drawn to different details. If she wants to know anything more about knives I am the usual source just like if I want to know more about medicine I turn to her before a bunch of strangers on the internet.
The real question is: How many girls here are single?

If I may correct the above message: How many girls here are single, attractive, wealthy and would allow me to spend all of their money on knives for myself? Yeah, I have to admit, I'm a pretty selfish person!

Don... nicely done!

As noted, there are few women that are into knives; Yet, I suspect that knives are mostly a "guy thing". If I ever meet a gal that loves knives, guns, tools, four-wheel drives, and football... Then I will have met the perfect woman!
If I ever meet a gal that loves knives, guns, tools, four-wheel drives, and football, I would be terrified!

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My wife has a love-hate relation with knives. She's drawn to the danger but repelled by the reality.
Although she isn't offended by the term "girl" she perfers "woman".
In our younger (and stupider) days we use to practice with live blades. Gotta love her!!
She wouldn't join this forum, but wouldn't join any other either. She works with computers all day and can't see spending time on one at one without getting paid.

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Allright djo62. Do you have a picture of your collection and are you single? Just kidding,

John and Don, I'm not sure if she likes football, but y'all are describing DC! (she's a moderator at TheFiringLine, if you're not familiar with her)
geez,fireprez. If there were any women around it`s a safe bet they`re gone now!! LOL

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Say that looks a lot like a CS Peacekeeper.......

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Holy Jesus thats a terrifying pic. I'm not going to sleep well tonight, thats for sure.

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