How many girls are here??

Welcome i say, yes?.... But i would love to see ANGELINA JOLIE here! Heard she is a knife nut too! Geez, i 'm a BIG, and i did say BIG fan of hers!.....
Am I the only one bothered by the direction this thread has taken?

Tanto asked if there were other Ladies on the forum and the guys all jump in saying "Not many, Knives are a guy thing" and wondering why their wives and girlfriends aren't more supportive of knives.

Tanto, djo62, and other ladies on the forum,

Welcome, Please encourage your friends to join and participate.

I will admit that I am shamelessly interested in seeing more ladies actively involved in knives so that I can tell my wife that it is Not a Guy thing.
Me too. I was hoping DC would see it and come and open up a can o'whup-ass!
Add another! Many of my female friends are interested in and collect sharp objects.

You should hear the lunch conversations Djo62 and I have at lunch!