How many have been around since day 1?

Oct 2, 1998
We should all thank Mike and Spark for such a great place to visit (or cyber-live) learn, and enjoy. Be safe all!

Maybe by day two anyway...
The only time I havent been on in a weeks time is when I go on vacation.

Here's an idea....How about giving us long term members (Joined in Oct98) a special contest for a chance to win something....Every month that goes by my chances keep getting smaller and smaller

Ive really enjoyed the time surfing through all of the posts over the years.


Keith D.Armacost
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I got here in Nov 98...changed my nick in Dec and that is what my profile says. Loved every minute of it.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

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JKM-Chai Senior Citizen...How many were around for the old days??



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Bladeforums oldtimer...Oct./'98...

I was a lurker. Didn't actually join until March of the following year. At that time, I think I was spending most of my time at KnifeForums or Can't remember which.

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I don't remeber exactly wht day day one was...but I've been here since Oct. '98.

And yup, I was here for the days and wars

Been a long, fun ride.....and its not over yet!

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery
Hummm.. I think I have been here since Oct 2nd 1998

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Geez, I am so old I do not know where I am now.

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Memory is foggy but I'm pretty sure I registered the day BF started. I only remember cause I was on the Fla Knife & Tool forum and immediatly came here after the crap hit the fan with Earl.
Check your profile, it will give you the date you joined up.

I didn't show until 10/26/98, a regular Jimmy-come-lately

James Segura
San Francisco, CA
I was here in Oct 98.

Lots of knives came from this BB for me.
I meet great people, learned a lot, got training in knives, impact weapons and firearms from people I meet here.

When this BB first started all I had was a BM 975, the large emerson. I had never shot a pistol or done any knifework.

Today I carry a numbered socfk, a V-Gar, spyde native and civilian, and a Neil Blackwood Neck knife. Yesterday I recieved my Conn. State pistol permit and for the first time went out and about with a Colt Trooper .357 loaded with .38 hydrashock. It was nice to finaly be able to do that. I will be purchacing a Glock 30(.45 subcompact) when my income tax return arrives.

Bladeforums has helped me grow. I started out as a really annoying teenager on the forums, and for that I appologise. Hopefuly I will contribute thoughtfuly in the future.

Mitchell Lake

P.S. Thats a nice knife, but it needs a wave...
I discovered BFC in Oct 98, and lurked for a couple of months before I registered.

It was good then and it's gotten better since then.

Arguably, the #1 site.

One of the original dozen members here! I love this place. I find myself coming here to find my sanity after long days dealing with the sheeple.

A huge thanks to Mike & Spark for keeping this space open and usable for the rest of us!

Happy holiday weekend to y'all!

I do not remember the exact day but time sure flies when you are having fun.
I don't remember when in Oct 98 I got here, only that it was head and shoulders above

Before that rec.knives on usenet was my hangout...

This one is by far my favourite...

Clay Fleischer
AKTI Member A000847