How many here still carry a traditional folding knife

Started carrying my Victorinox Scientist everyday. Don't even carry a large multi-tool anymore, since between my micra, scientist, and small sebenza, I have most of the bases covered (except the pliers, of course).

Would love to find a nice one-handed opening but classically styled folder.

Clay Fleischer

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Does a keyknife attached to a keyring count?

If so, that's mine. Rest are modern tactical types now.


If you have the money, take a look at the William Henry knives. They have two sizes (both under 3") of one-handed opening liner locks that come with a nickel silver bolster and traditional scales like wood or jigged bone. The downside is that they cost $200-$250, but they are about as close to being a custom knife as you can get in a production knife. My spearpoint folder is the smoothest opening knife I own, and is the most beautiful looking too.

Alan - I can vouch for the William Henry knives. I own a T10 Lancet with carbon fiber scales and blue anodized titanium liner and pocket clip. This is one sweet knife. Light, well made, and really gorgeous.


Deo Vindice

My daily carry is a fairly traditional looking drop point lockback with ironwood scales and integral bolsters/liners that I picked up at for a price I still can't believe. It's probably the best deal I've ever gotten on anything.

Though it has the traditional fingernail groove for opening, I can open it one-handed in a pinch by just thumbing the blade. I've put a good number of scratches on the mirror finished blade and bolsters, but I like the knife too much not to use it.

Ryan Meyering

I also have the carbon fiber lancet. I love that knife too. I didn't mention it since the topic was about traditional looking knives, but the carbon fiber lancet is so nice looking that even though it is lightweight, black, one-hand opening, and has a pocket clip, it's too beautiful to be called "tactical". It's the knife I carry when I need to wear a suit.

I have a buck Minibuck on my keyring always, and I also carry a Victorinox Classic penknife. I consider the latter a "traditional" pattern since it is a "lobster pen knife." I use the Classic for tightening screws on my realtime cable connecting my steno machine to my computer and doesn't scare anyone, and the nail file, scissors, little blade, toothpick, and tweezers all have been used.
The first knives i purchased on my own as a boy were Schrade Old Timer, which I still have (I no longer carry them because I rust them too easily). I also take care of my Case knives which I used to carry A LOT but now keep them in the boxes. Also most of the Buck 300 series pocketknives.
My fav slipjoints are stockman, trapper, mini-trapper, canoe, pen, peanut, and muskrat.
For ten years when I lived in Taiwan I carried a Victorinox Spartan and it stood up to much use and resisted corrosion VERY well with little maintenance in the humid Taiwan environment. SAKs are traditional because the old-style European spear blades, plus they've been around over a century.
Yep...a SAK classic on the keys and a SAK Hiker either in pocket or addition to the other knives I carry
I always have at least one of my SAKs in one or another pocket. I used to have a nice Uncle Henry stockman, but I lost it somewhere and have not gotten around to replacing it. I too have some difficulty with nail nicks and broken fingernails; one of the reasons I bought my first Spyderco years ago. But I still have a fondness for the stockman model, those are some very useful blade shapes in one small pkg.
I carry a small Swiss Army Knife on my keyring. An extra couple of blades, and a few other handy items. I believe that these are the only blades that I own that don't lock.

I own a small Case folder I got when I was 10, a Uncle Henry small one blade, and a Madd Dog two blade bone handle.

I use a Victorinox all the time, along with a one hand opener of some sort - right now it´s an AFCK, but I can´t get used to it because it´s too big for my hands. Considering the possibility of getting a Victorinox Swisstool to substitute the red handled ones.

I just bought yesterday what I call my "sheeple knife" -- a small Colonial Anvil 3-blade jack knife model 200 for Php 369.50 (US$9.70). I can't always whip out my Military (called an "assault knife" by an officemate) when I need to cut something, and the small tanto-point Gigand Mosquito still has that tactical look. Besides, accessing my Mosquito from my ankle or chest would create suspicious looks from sheeples. So I decided to get a small traditional looking pocketknife.

Mine has 440A clip, pen and sheepfoot blades, faux stag handle, and nickel bolster. I like its feel on my hand. Although I would've liked a Case, Buck, Camillus, Schrade or Remington, unfortunately its the only US-made pocketknife available here. I could've bought one for $2 from Smoky Mountains, but adding at least $10 for shipping and the risk of loss in transit is not worth it.

In the end, I'm happy with my new knife
. I like looking at it, holding it and opening the blades. A jack knife represents a significant tradition in our knife hobby.

Here's a pic of my Model 200

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When I go to work, I carry a 3" Hubertus pearl handle Leverlock with damascus blade.
It's traditional and elegant. Best of all, it's a `one hander'.
I hardly ever really cut anything with it though.
Ed E
When my job requires me to interact with people who may not be completely comfortable with my fixation with sharp pointy things, I often carry a traditional slip-joint folder (usually a Case copperlock or trapper). These knives do not intimidate most of my colleagues, but some my more excitable co-workers tend to become a little anxious when I use one of my more "tactical" pieces. I've also recently purchased a Bailey Bradshaw trapper for dressier occasions where my AFCK might be considered inappropriate. Besides, I get a kind of nostalgic buzz from these traditional knives sometimes…

Reading this thread made me realize that the ONLY knife I carry day in and day out is my SAK Pioneer. I generally rotate carrying one or two other "tactical" folders but never, ever leave home without the SAK.

Must be a McGiver thing!

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