How many khukuris do you have?

Oct 28, 2000

797 too few. Sneaky pill roller question!!!!

Sneaky R.O.F. answer :-(

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I have four, and am planning to pick up a falcata in the (hopefully) near future.


The Milk Snake: Beautiful, harmless, good-natured, eats venomous snakes for lunch.

HI 15 inch Ang Khola
GH 18 inch Ang Khola
HI Gelbu Special
HI Baby Ganga Ram Special
HI Ganga Ram Special
HI 16.5 inch WWII
HI 15 inch BAS
HI 12 inch Ang Khola
HI Kagaz Katne.

The safest answer is not to count.

If you don't know, you can honestly answer your wife with an estimate. If you pack a few away too, it also has the benefit of allowing you to forget and buy a duplicate, which comes in handy. And the joys of finding a half dozen you'd forgotten about...
From The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain:
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Tom was a good deal bothered about what to do for a spoon, but he said we'd got to have it; so he took a
think. When he had ciphered it out he told me how we was to do; then we went and waited around the spoon-basket till we see Aunt Sally coming, and then Tom went to counting the spoons and laying them out to one side, and I slid one of them up my sleeve, and Tom says:
"Why, Aunt Sally, there ain't but nine spoonsYET." She says: "Go 'long to your play, and don't bother me. I know better, I counted 'm myself."
"Well, I've counted them twice, Aunty, and I can'tmake but nine."
She looked out of all patience, but of course she come to count -- anybody would.
"I declare to gracious ther' AIN'T but nine!" she says. "Why, what in the world -- plague TAKE the things, I'll count 'm again."
So I slipped back the one I had, and when she got done counting, she says:
"Hang the troublesome rubbage, ther's TEN now!" and she looked huffy and bothered both. But Tom says:
"Why, Aunty, I don't think there's ten."
"You numskull, didn't you see me COUNT 'm?""I know, but --"
"Well, I'll count 'm AGAIN."So I smouched one, and they come out nine, same as the other time. Well, she WAS in a tearing way --
just a-trembling all over, she was so mad. But she counted and counted till she got that addled she'd start to count in the basket for a spoon sometimes; and so,
three times they come out right, and three times they come out wrong. Then she grabbed up the basket and slammed it across the house and knocked the cat galley-west; and she said cle'r out and let her have
some peace, and if we come bothering around her again betwixt that and dinner she'd skin us. So we had the odd spoon, and dropped it in her apron-pocket whilst she was a-giving us our sailing orders, and Jim got it all right, along with her shingle nail, before
noon. We was very well satisfied with this business, and Tom allowed it was worth twice the trouble it took, because he said NOW she couldn't ever count them spoons twice alike again to save her life; and wouldn't believe she'd counted them right if she DID;
and said that after she'd about counted her head off for the next three days he judged she'd give it up and offer to kill anybody that wanted her to ever count them any more.</font>
Last time I tried to count khukuris I ended up with a great deal of sympathy for Aunt Sally

That was very insensitive, unkind, and un-PC to do that to Jim.............Hehehehe (Do it again)
Sorry,for a moment I lost my composure! I "NOW" realize you only have a few K's!Too bad you have so few!The viewing was over sooo quickly.I feel sooo sorry for you,sniff! NOW CUT THE BULL & SHOW US THE OTHER 4 ROOMS FULL"WALL TO WALL" FROM TOP TO BOTTOM!!
Here's one for you WALOSI since you asked so nicely. (hmmm, wonder how far I can push Jim before he snaps like a twig?)

FYI: it's just 4 walls and real limited at that. Getting mighty durned crowded in here, but it sure is a fun room to be in. Wish you all could take a look.


Thanks indeed!!! BTW, I don't think Jim will snap. He (we) are already seriously bent, but will continue to rebound as long as the supply of Khukuris holds out.