how many knifes do you own?

Sep 5, 1999
how many knifes do you own? and what is your favorite? I have five knifes and my favorite is a Case U.S.M.C knife that my granpa gave me.
I currently own 11 large, tip-down blade-hole folders that rotate through my front pocket carry. I consider this my "collection." I have a half-dozen production fixed-blades that see little use, and about a dozen of my own fixed-blades that I don't consider fit to sell (some are prototypes, others are accidents).

-Drew Gleason
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I like the idea of you having knives that you feel aren't fit fot the market.It's the smart thing to do.
I've always felt it a mistake for a knifemaker to sell a flawed knife even though he might sell it at a big discount. That knife might change hands a bit or worse yet make it to a dealers table that does a lot of shows. I would think that the last thing a knifemaker would want is a flawed knife being seen by a lot of people with his name on it but I see it all too often.
Lets see I have about 38 knives my favorite one would have to be my mini stryker because I like how I can flick it open really fasty in a week or two i will have a new favorite.

At last count it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 70. They include folders, fighters, Bali-Songs, hunters/skinners, daggers, bowies and Khukuris. They range in size from 2 1/2" to 12 ' blades.

My favorite depends on what day it is and what I'm going to use it for. I enjoy them all and rotate my carry knives on a regular basis.


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Being a part time knife maker, the number always varies!! I make liner lock folders myself but I carry either an M2 AFCK or Stryker! I love M2 but I can't heat treat it properly so for about $100+ I can carry a great cutting knife and if I lose it, I'll get over it! I carry my own neck knives and a mean double edge! There is always knives on the table in the TV room. They are usually new designs that I will play with and look at while watching TV. Guests will always put there 2 cents in while they are playing with them too. I have had close friends, secretly adopt knives, then six months later ask me to make them a sheath!!!
I feel the same way about non perfect knives. When I used to do my heat treating at work, I threw out some blades that didn't come out right. Some of my co-workers fished them out of the garbage and finished them with PINE handles!!!!! They have my old tang stamp on them!!!!! I had to "buy" back two of them and the other one is out there somewhere...
Like most knife nuts, I have the collection that sees little or no use! The ones my wife wonders about....
Well I'm not real sure how many I own somewhere around 20 I guess. Every time I replace a lost knife I find it later and my number goes up!

I have six-eight folding knives which I rotate for daily carry, and a couple of straight blades.

I need a bigger bucket.
I have 16-20, depending on whether or not I can find them all at the same time. I was gonna buy that Case Millenium set. It has 50 knives, and costs $3,500. But then I realized, "Hey! I don't have a car! Or $3,500 for that matter!" They have it at the Knifecenter.
My wife asked me how many knives I have a couple of hours ago. The question came up because we just bought a cedar chest to hold some of my sharp objects and I was loading it up. When I said I don't know, she told me I should count them. I said nope, not gonna do it.

If I won't count em for her, I sure ain't gonna count em for you all!

A favorite? I like almost all of them - all except for a bunch of POS bargains I should've passed up (made in China). There's even a couple of those I like. It's like picking your favorite child. Won't do it. I love em all.

If I weren't in the process of paying for one kids college and another in 2 years, I would sure look real closely at that Case Millenium set! We can all dream a little.
I just made a quick count and came up with
52 that I could find.This does'nt include
the fixed blade knives my wife has commandeered for kitchen use.They are her knives now.
My wife just informed me that I have about twenty. Most of them were gifts. Don't knives make the BEST gifts?? Forget the underwear, cologne, ties, bottles of whatever liquor that's on sale, power tools, golf clubs, slippers, sissy pajamas, Iso-Toners gloves, Playboy videos(well, maybe I'll keep the videos for awhile), etc......
GIVE ME A KNIFE!!! I don't particularly care what kind of knife you give me, just give me a knife. I'll ALWAYS be happy if you give me a knife.

Thank you for letting me vent.
I own 62. I've had as many as 93, but my collection fluctuates. Over half of my knives (the ones I never part with) are the ones my wife gave me. Geez, I love that girl.

Give or take 25 or so. Folders, fixed, quality chef's knife that I hide from my girlfriend.
I'm with MrG... knives make the BEST gifts!

At last count I had 32 knives, not counting the ones that remain exclusively in the kitchen... some fixed, some folding.

My current favorite folder is a mini-AFCK in M2. My current favorite fixed blade is a Dozier Yukon Pro Skinner.

I've got a Talonite Cetan on order from Rob Simonich... might become my new fav.

I am not sure how many and I don't think I want to know anyway. I believe it is still less than 100, but with buying, selling and trading who really knows? And I have several on order, some in the mail and a few lost and scattered aroung the house and in my cars, not to mention in the kitchen and various toolkits. Maybe less than 100.

My favorite is my large Sebenza with dual thumb studs and my name engraved on it. It was my birthday present to myself this year, and I hope to pass it on to a loved one some day.

I think I may have the record. I believe that I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 300. I have been collecting since 1967 when I was in grade school. My collecting has gone through phases. At one point I collected hawkbills or pruners, later stockman and trappers. I then went through a cheap stilletto period when i bought alot of Italian and Japanese blades. Later I picked up a few balisongs. I also have quite an assortment of SAKs. For the last four or five years Spydercos and one handers in general have been my focus. I believe I will actually have to start selling some of them because they take up too much space. As for favorites, I would have a hard time picking one. My favorite is usually my newest.
I have, not including kitchen cutlery, 67 knives, ranging from a cheap Italian (I really liked the design a nail file) to Case's to Victorinox to 2 Spyderco's to 11 Benchmades. My favorite is the Benchmade 705BT. I am awaiting a Pat Crawford/Kasper Neck Knife and have talk with Path about a custom Carnivour in Damascus. When I get it, it may get my favorite status - maybe. I don't plan to carry it or use it, though, so my functional favorite will still be the 705BT.


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