How many knives did you sell in '06?

Dec 27, 2001
Well I started a thread like this last year, and was surprised at how many knives some people can churn out in a year. This year for me, another record high...I sold 14. I'll be posting another on here this afternoon which will either push me to 15, or will be #1 for next year. So what about you guys?
oh man....I do myself a favor and dont keep track anymore. I got discouraged :)
I dont keep track but I bet I can count them on both hands and toes. I did however make over 100 sets of Ruger pistol grips.
This was my worst year but was laid up for seven months and just now getting back to work full time. So only sold 56.
I think I actually only sold one knife this year. Got wrapped up in work, school, and a lot of other projects and just didn't get many knives done. Have about 8 roughed out in various stages that I keep working at here and there, and I finished a couple hunters, but only 1 sale for the year :grumpy:
I didn't do much the first half of the year (taking care of a dying relative). I guess I sold 40-50 for the whole year. I put a lot of orders off till this year,and will have to get them out soon.
i started trying to forge in March of 05 and got kinda serious in June after Blade, buit quit totally in January and didn't start up again until October. I have yet to sell a knife, but that is because I threw away most of the ones that I have attempted. I had one offer last year on one of my early completed knives, but i was embarrassed to have it out in the public domain:eek: i have 5 on the bench now. If they all turn out okay, two hunters are going to my brothers for their March nilgai hunting trip to the King Ranch. At least one W2 fighter will be going to some deserving soldier who is bound for a combat zone. Hopefully, the two W2 bowies I am working for will be up for sale in a few weeks. If not, I'll try something easier and forge a couple of more hunters, but from W2 for sale.
Having just started in on blade smithing this year in october (and black smithing only a year and a quarter ago) I've only made 3 blades so far, all of which iv'e given away as gifts. I've got a few people who said they'd be intrested in some railroad spike knives for decoration though. havent actually taken a commission yet, but I may soon.

I know the spikes knives arent exactly 'knives' but they're knife shaped =)
I had a pretty good year. I haven't officially counted but I'm guessing between 120 and 140 knives. With what I've got backlogged, it's going to be another busy year in 07. :D
Good for you Scott! I have a pretty long backlog so thats why I dont want to actually count...It would keep me up at night since I am sort of a worry wart :)

As long as I am making trips to the post office about every 3 weeks I am happy with that being all I focus on. Just a guess I'd say I sent off about 75 I'd say.
Thanks Brian. 75 is pretty damn good.:thumbup: I've played hookie from work alot this year. :D That's why I got so much done. Hunting season was slowing me up the last couple of months.
I am making a pretty decent work method that seems to work.
Using better ceramic belts and after that many sheaths I am alot faster at that part too! Just getting about 125 knives under my belt and I am just now getting familiar with what works for me so now its paying off.

We all work in different speeds and different levels of complexity. I'd hate to think of adding folders to the mix but thats what I am hoping to do in the next few years I think.

Sticking with 1 steel and 1 basic construction method untill I "Get It" is what has helped me personally. Having all you guys keep pushing and encouraging is another thing I am still thankfull for in 2006 and look forward to seeing what you guys come up with in 2007 :thumbup:
if i had to guess id say i sold about 24-30 knives this a new job that doesnt allow much time anymore so im still trying to hoping 07 is going to be the year i can push to full time maker.....cross your fingers!!
I'm just starting out so I sold a whopping three and i gave three more away. If you add up blades, supplies, handle material, etc, I lost big time this year but what the heck, it was a lot of fun and much cheaper than psycho therapy!

I have my first show of the new year next weekend so I'm getting ready for that...more neat knives and nice people. Now if they just bring money with them....

Let the games begin, Kevin
This was the first year I decided to start selling knives instead of just making them for friends and family. Id say I sold about thirty
Well, I did not sell any knives this year---guess it was because I did not make any--lol ! However, I did manage to make a few hundred knife sheaths but I think I am going to taper off in 2007. I seem to have very little time to myself---- And I am not too sure how much time I have left. At my age (real long in the tooth!) that is a consideration. I am not going to quit, just try a little more variety in those that are embellished! Best of the New Year to all! ---Sandy---
I reluctlantly sold 6 knives this my first year. I made no attempt to sell any and the ones that I sold were people asking me to make them a knife. I don't really like the pressure of meeting a deadline to make a knife and I'm still very shy about accepting money for the quality of my work. I think next year I will try to make one or two basic styles and spend two out of four weeks making knives for sale to help cover some of the costs of knifemaking and two weeks making knives for myself. I mean giving myself some time to try new designs and styles and materials and make different types of folders. I think that's the beauty for me of keeping this endeavor a hobby although I have total respect and admiration for the full time makers out there.