How many knives did you sell in '06?

I just started selling this year (around Sept.) and sold 2 (a kitchen blade and a small skinner). There was another one that I could have sold but I ended up liking it too much and kept it for myself:D . I'm hoping to hit 15-20 sold in 2007.
This year was a busy year for me. With the shows I went to and helping to put on our first custom show, it has been a busy year. I sold 50-75 blades through shows and another 20 thru orders so have been busy.
more thenn lasts year (sold one i think) and less then the comminig year (i hope)
if i had to guess 30-50 some place in between but like i said i would have to go back and look at the paper work
Well, for my 1st year of knifemaking, I sold 50 something.
First one sold in February, and the momentum has just been building every since.
I have more on order than I care to think about at this particular moment, but I'm gunning for 100 sales this year, so that's a good start on it.
I have read a number of posts from guys who are newbies like me and have sold a number of knives. Could any of you guys chime in and tell me where you sold the knives and why style of knife most of your customers were looking for? Thanks