How many other LEFTIES are here ??

May 25, 1999
Lefties are the minority are a general rule. How many other southpaws are here in this forum? What are some of the knives you like to use?

I rotate thru the following knives: Benchmade 710 axis, EDI Genesis I, Spyderco Wayne Goddard LTWT and Delica 98. I am ambidexterous and am able to open RH knives, but I generally stick to LH side.
I'm ambidextrous really, but prefer lefty knives. My only lefty knife is my Sebenza.

Titan, the first time I used my LTWT Goddard with the thumb hole, I shaved several slivers of skin off of my thumb because of how the side of serrations are cut. My hands aren't that large, so I have learned to brace my fingers on the metal clip to open the Spyd's. Almost any with a removeable clip can be converted to a LH knife in under a minute. Which models do you like?
Mad Dog
I guess I am one of the fortunate people who are lefties, but carry a handgun nearly every day(or part of it)as part of dress code with local Sheriff's dept. I will first say that even though I haven't nearly mastered off-hand shooting; I have adapted to carrying my knife in right pocket. Just seems to fit in right hand better than left after these years...also carried Buck 110 in pouch before Spyderco's came about. I guess I'm saying a terminal leftie such as myself can even switch his primary knife hand given enough time.
YES!..i am a lefty...and proud of it...
well, okay so i'm ambidextrous...unfortunately i havne't gotten a hold of left handed knives...i've had to get used to opening thumb studs with the right hand...i shoudl get a spyderco eh?

"I wouldn't mind you being inside my head if you weren't clearly so crazy."
I am left handed. But I trained myself to open and use knives with my right hand. My first and only knife is a BM Ascent, and I liked the way it felt in my right hand better then my left hand.

I am a left-handed person. I have many left-handed knives, but my favorite is my lefty Sebenza. Most all of the Spydercos work well left handed. Many of the Benchmades work well left-handed. Alot of the customs are now coming with dual thumb studs, which I prefer.
Like most left handers-I can use my right hand better than most right-handed people can use their left hand! We have learned either out of necessity or maybe we are just better.

I'm also left-handed. I prefer ambidextrous knives, like Spyderco. My usual carry is a Delica or BM mini-AFCK. I also had my Sebenza made as an ambidextrous model.
I'm totaly lefthanded spiderco endura is my favorite every day knife.
I have some coldsteel folders with the thumb stud reverst.
I would like to see a good lefthanded auto.
I'm left handed but fairly ambidextrous in many things (I can lift a pint glass with both hands

I allways carry on my left side IWB unless I am carrying two knives

My only true left handed knife is an AFCK but I also have a Genesis I set up with the clip for left carry.

My dailly carry knives are mostly Spyderco's where the hole sticks out enougth for me to get my thumb in. I am now waiting for the Lightweight Calypso and the Bob lum which I believe are going to be left hand available.

maddog -- which model? All the Spydercos
! Have bought three Enduras already, and won a Military right here in the forums.

Have you tried the "Drop" opening method?
Titan, Yes - I recently tried the 'drop' method and it feels kinda weird at frist, but I think it just takes some getting use to. It is always a good idea to have more than one way to open up a blade and to be able to use the opposite hand can be a big, plus, too. Cool, you won the Military! You can never have enough knives.

Ok, everyone, what is a Serbenza? LOL, a bunch of you have them. I'll have to look it up later. Have a good'day. My spare Axis is coming today.......woo, hooooo.
I am also lefty. The old story goes that a person is dominant in the brain hemisphere opposite from their hand dominance. This would make the right side of the brain dominant in a left handed person. The right side of the brain is responsible for more artistic tendencies and the left side of the brain is responsible for more analytical tendencies. My wife would strongly disagree, however, as she has called me anal analytical. By trade, I am also one of the artistic
type engineers.

My favorite lefty knifes are a Spyderco Delica and a Benchmade Stryker. The 910 did require some hole tappin' surgery to move the clip for left side carry. This knife is very easy to operate as a lefty. The Delica is a nartural. What a great knife that comes ready for lefty or righty. It is now my daily carry, but I still am having trouble with tip up carry. My battle with tip up isn't over yet, because my the next knife purchase for me will be the mini Axis. It should be a superb lefty/righty piece.

Best Regards, Todd
My favorite used to be a Gerber Covert folder - until I found Benchmades. Even though it's not a leftie, the 975 I've found to be easily used, but I never felt quite comfortable with the liner lock. I have a Mini-AFCK in a leftie that I like. But my absolute favorites are the 710 AxisLock and a pre-production 705S Mini-AxisLock. When they are available, a 705BT (plain edge) is likely to grab the rights to my pocket for a long time to come. This is simply a great knife. I've heard the regular production models are expected out in August.
I am a righty, but since I had my right thumb operated on back in 92, I lost a lot of use of it, so I now use my left hand also. I switch back and forth from right to left hand depending on the situation at the time. This is why I prefer a knife that is ambidextrous, gives me the choice of right or left hand use. A thumb disk, hole through the blade, or dual thumb posts are my preferences!

I'm a lefty as well, but I tend to do most of my cutting with my right hand. I do carry an Endura on my left hand side, but my AFCK stays in the right pocket. I can draw much faster, and more reliably from the right. I'm pretty sure it's from always having to do right handed partner drills

However, I cannot open a balisong with my right hand to save my life.
Benchmade has a fairly new Mchenry and Williams that has an axis lock that is ambi. with the clip movable also. I make my custom knives with a slight palm swell to fit righties or in the case of my favorite LEFTIES.
I may have missed it above, but the Sebenza's can be ordered with an ambidexterous stud. I suppose this is also true of the left handed model. I mention this as I wish I had known when I had ordered mine. I'm right handed, but use my left alot.

The Umfaan comes with a double stud, and yes it does work. I had wondered how well it would work over the integral lock. It is not quite as convenient as the other side, but it does work. If I send my Sebenza or Small Sebenza back I will definitely get it installed. The $20 charge seems a little high, but I did read that the studs are machined titanium, which presumably would justify the cost.

I prefer a knife that I can open with either hand.