How many other LEFTIES are here ??

Well, I am not a real lefty, but everyone calls me lefthanded. Basically I only write lefthanded. I prefer to manipulate my knives righthanded, although lefthanded use is no problem. It is an advantage in my training, I can usually fight much better than my opponents with my left arm and leg. My favorite folder? The Socom is the only knife I can manipulate as easily and comfortably eith either left or right. Like my righthanded Sebenza too, though. I guess I am sort of an adapted lefty in a righty's world. BTW the BM AFCK is also not half bad for lefties.
Although I eat, write and shoot left handed, I am semi-ambidextrous. If it requires up close detail work, the left hand gets the nod, if it requires strength, the right hand gets the nod. So I carry a knife(s) on the right side all the time. My recent ortho surgery on my right shoulder may change this tho...

ARGH!! You don't know what a Sebenza is?? Shame on you! lol!!

Actually, it just happens to be one of the finer folding knives out there in the market today. Check out

I'm also a leftie, though I'm ambidextrous when it comes to knives. I'm faster in using my right hand on knives than I do with my left hand, maybe because of the clip.

Us lefties are a rare few, I agree.

I, too, am a lefty; and I've spent many an hour looking for the perfect "fit." I currently carry a Native, previous to that was a Large Vaquero without the clip. I find myself gravitating toward small fixed blades for pocket carry(?) -- just bought Dirk's Chavar -- and Mark Boyer's smaller drop point multi-carry. I'm eager to see how this works out.

I sure appreciate the companies out there (like Spyderco and Benchmade) that produce a left-handed knife for us.
Wow, quite a few southpaws here. I checked out the Sebenza's and the knife looks real nice. Next time I am out I will see if I can locate one to handle it a bit. I played around with a Spyderco Military and it was a sweet knife: too bad it isn't offered as a lefty. I keep hearing about people talking about the Spyderco rolling locks that are suppose to be showing up soon.

It is going to take me a while to sort through all the different custom knife makers and down the road I would like to purchase a custom folder, or fixed blade.

FYI: If any of you lefties are interested I have a BM 975SL (CQC7) FS/trade listed. Thanks.
I'm a lefty as well, and I prefer the ambidextrous thumb hole over a stud. I find that (unlike some of you), I can't use my right hand with my knives worth a damn. I guess my brain is too dependant upon my left hand..
Still waiting for my 800SBTL.. *drool*

As a lefty, I was agonizing over a 800SBT-LH, 812SBT-LH or a 710. I want the 705, but I couldn't wait until August. I'd love to have them all, but being a youth minister with a new baby doesn't exactly leave much discretionary income for such *luxuries* (no flames, please. My wife and I both love knives greatly, but diapers and student loan payments make knives a true luxury).
Columbia River has the new true left-handed Mirage in the small size (3" blade) in Zytel now on the market. It is a true mirror of the original right-handed model--clip, lock, everything, with the standard ambidextrous thumbstuds. It's interesting to watch a left-handed person pick one up to operate the first time. It's as if they're mystified by it, but once they realize this knife's for them, they light up in a hurry. Same price as the right-handed zytel Mirage: $39.95 retail. If you have any other questions on it, let me know.

Best regards,
Jim Hammond
Hey, loonybin, I understand what you are saying: your kid(s) needs come first. We were on one income for almost a year and it was tough. I ended up selling off some of my clutter in my basement to help pay for any toys I HAD to have. My wife went back to work about a month ago
When you get around to buying a knife which one did you want to buy if you can't wait until August for the 705? I have a BM812SB that is righty and it is more comfortable to wear especially if you have shorts on than my BM710 axis. I like the compacts (under 4" OAL) for general utility.

No flaming coming from here. If someones does it is because they are jealous that you have a wonderful wife and kid(s)! Kids take your marriage to another level. Just be patient, good things will come.
I'm a lefty but always carry multiple blades on both sides. The Spydie hole is my favorite but I also like ambi thumb disks. I also carry CSs with the double pegs but don't like them as well.


who dares, wins

The Boye Prophet Companions have an oval hole and thus can be used by a left hander...hmm...I had to go get it and clip it to my left pocket and try it with my left fine. When reading a serrated thread I had to go and clip a Spyderco to the left pocket too, but don't worry, I won't list to one side, I have a Sebenza on my right pocket.

The Boye folders are a reasonable value at around $50 plus for the dendritic 440C or $80 for the dendritic cobalt. Remember the companion is the one with the hole. It has the narrow style blade, as opposed to the ones with the decorated opening area that is slightly wider.

If I was a sensible as loonybin (other than his name) I would only have one on me, but...
I will not choose here to avoid offending any of the 3 makers I have mentioned....besides Sal is always watching.

Himalayan Imports fashions scabbards for any model khukuri for left handers on request. My wife, Yangdu, is a leftie so now you know.

Uncle Bill

I ended up getting a nice Ben Franklin as a birthday present (my grandmother... she wanted it spent on something fun, not necessary), so I got the 710SBT from Discount Knives (showed up in 3 days!). I must say that I am very happy with it except for the size. It fits fine in my pocket, but if I move to another state, it might not be legal. I'm tempted to get the 812 next, to see the difference between thumb studs and thumb holes. Maybe they'll come out w/ the 800 & 812 in Axis lock? I'm considering getting my wife a folder, but since she's home so much, she probably won't need it. Besides, if she needs to do some serious cutting, she'll just grab her fixed-blade "paramilitary" by Muela. It's hefty, but very nice. It even came with a left-handed sheath.
Everyone is born righthanded, but only the greatest can overcome it!

I can't wait for the lefty version of the Kershaw Ken Onion Random Task to come out. Anyone got any inside info on when this will happen?
Hi, my name is Nakano 2. And I am a lefty. (followed by the crowds applause and greeting).
Actually I am abidextrous but really favor the right. I use my Spyderco Delicas and Enduras as secondaries (left pockets) as their reversible clips are convenient enough.


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