How many service connected vets here?

Dec 15, 2003
all of you Vets...listen up.

I would gladly pay double in Taxes if I knew that any assistance you fellas needed was given. Especially combat or PSTD wounded Vets. You guys did a service so that I have the privlidge to live in one of the greatest countries in the world.

thats all I can say ...except Thanks for what you do and shame or embarassment ever, period.


Well said. I agree.
May 21, 2007
30 % disabled from the service, I retired in 1995. I have not been back to the VA for further accessment as I have heard from friends of all the BS and initial non-approval for most claims and adjustments.

Ken C.

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Jun 14, 2000
I got a total kick in the crotch from the VA. Those bastards told me that because I was not "in country" at a specific time during the Gulf War I did not qualify for the Gulf War Syndrome study. I exhibited all of the signs and symptoms but was denied due to being there after the cut off date. They were oil fields still burning, bombs still flying and those nasty little sand fleas who carried who knows what. I had headaches, joint aches, chronic sinus problems, weight loss. Yet, because of "date" set by some higher up I couldn't get the medical care I was entitled to. I received better treatment from my own physician (who was a Veitnam Vet). I've been feeling fine for years now but that episode left a bad taste in my mouth regarding the VA.

The VA can go to Hell.
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Nov 1, 2000
Shit.... I remember sand fleas too. I also caught scabies 4 times from patting down Haji on patrols in Mosul. Truly the 3rd world.