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Hunter, fillet, and Bird & Trout in S35. US customers save 25% with exchange rate!

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Jan 9, 2014
Since early 2013 my dad and I have been making knives full time here in BC, Canada! We use a mix CNC milling and hand work to build our knives. All models are available through our website where you will also find longer descriptions and additional photos.

The strong US dollar means big savings for our American customers (~25%). Prices below are in both CAD and USD ( our website can also be viewed in either currency).

These are our outdoor knives.

Mallard bird and trout


Scales: hunter orange or OD green G10
Blade steel: CPM S35VN
Blade hardness: HRC 59-61
Blade length: 3.6" (9.14 cm)
Over all length: 8.1" (20.6cm)
Blade thickness at spine: 0.060″ (1.5mm)
"Grind": flat
Cutting edge angle (inclusive): 25°
Weight: knife only: 2.2 oz. (65 grams)
sheath: 1.2 oz. (35 grams)

Price(Canadian $) 79.00-114.00 depending on blade finish, scales and other options

**approximate USD price** 59-85

Lynx 3.8" Hunting Knife

Scales: Orange G10 (red g10 liner), black linen micarta, pacific yew wood, western maple wood
Blade steel: CPM S35VN
Blade hardness: HRC 59-60
Blade length: 3.86" (9.8cm)
Over all length:8.5" (21.6 cm)
Blade thickness at spine: 0.100″ (2.54mm)
Cutting edge angle (inclusive): 25°

Knife Only
G10 5.1 oz. (145 grams)
Micarta 4.9 oz. (140 grams)
Wood 3.9 oz. (110 grams)

sheath: 2.5 oz.[/B] (70 grams)


Price(Canadian $) 139.00-204.00 depending on blade finish and scale material

**approximate USD price** 104-153

Kermode fillet knife with 6" or 9" blade

Blade steel: CPM S35VN
Blade hardness: HRC 59-60.5
Blade length: 6.25" or 9"
Blade thickness at spine (6"/9"): 0.06″ / .065"
Cutting edge angle (inclusive): 25°


9 inch

6 inch

six inch Price(Canadian $) 135.00-165.00 depending on blade finish and scale type.

**approximate USD price** 101-123

nine inch Price(Canadian $) 155.00-185.00 depending on blade finish and scale type.

**approximate USD price** 116-138


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Feb 9, 2012
Absolutely phenomenal knives. I own 5 different models and they are great designs and excellent quality. Also as a bonus, these guys are great guys to work with and buy from.


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Jan 9, 1999
Just received my Lynx I purchased for an edc. Overall impression is extremely favorable. A little tight in the sheath but ergonomics are excellent and razor sharp to boot. thanks and keepem sharwp