Hunting mushrooms with DM knives.

I bought it after the pass around. It's a great knife! Had I not ended up with this one, I'd have planned to buy a Prevail after having used this in the pass around.
It's certainly a unique version of the Prevail, with the partial height primary grind and forge scale left on the flats. I agree - it's a great design for most things EDC related, hiking, adventuring.

Mushrooms looks pretty nice from here, too.

Thanks for sharing.
This grew right next to the shop over the last few days! No knives were involved in harvesting this, but I'll use a David Mary custom to cut it up for the frying pan. Almost as big as a basketball. Those pics coming soon.

Biggest mushroom I've ever held.


Cut into it to make sure it is the safe to eat kind.


Looks good.

Discarded this little guy out the front door with his little slice of mushroom (can't let him go hungry!)

Cooked a big flat piece.

Cut the piece up and tried to have it with eggs.

Long story short, this must be the wrong way to cook them... I didn't like the taste and texture. I may try again after some research.
I would say NO. but I'm not sure... Just got a mushroom book last year and quickly learned that there is a giant learning curve... some mushrooms that are perfectly edible and tasty look identical to ones that will kill you painfully in a matter of hours... šŸ˜…šŸ¤£

They do make very photogenic backgrounds for pics of my knives thoughšŸ˜‰
Yeah I never thought it was worth the risk but then I don't like mushrooms. I have been becoming more interested in wild edible plants lately though. According to the book I have there aren't that many plants in North America that will just kill you dead if you make a mistake, unlike with the fungi.

Good luck and be careful!

How did I ever miss this post?! I just saw it for the first time, and thought for a moment it was a new post. Last post on the page, so I guess the page must have turned and I missed it.

And more mushrooms growing next to the shop. Probably about ten of these guys, whatever they are.

Three books that i have that i thought id share in this thread. Simon and schusters guide to mushrooms is my favorite of the 3 with a wide range of species. Good color photography, scientific info and info regarding edibility. Does a great job of letting you know which species to be careful of. Wild edible mushrooms, is not as good a reference but has some gourmet quality recipes. Feasting free on wild edibles is mostly text and contains a lot of old "you can find this in your backyard" recipes. It is mostly text and the illustrations are crudely drawn... View attachment 1936066View attachment 1936067View attachment 1936069View attachment 1936073View attachment 1936074View attachment 1936075View attachment 1936076View attachment 1936077
I wasn't hunting mushrooms per se, but finding them all the same! I chopped down a fallen birch the rest of the way and shared the video a while back. Well it has become the home for new residents:


So I leaned these two birch logs up against another tree to see what they'll become.