I forgot my knife tonight!!

Dec 25, 1998
I just got to work and put on my duty rig. I reached down to check my wallet and swept my hand over to my right front pocket to feel the reassuring outline of my Commander. To my suprise and shock it was not there!!! I guess I left the house in such a hurry and with so many other things on my mind that I forgot my until now constant companion.
My next move is to go out to the truck and scavenge around for one of my backups.
It's gonna be a long night
Man...... that has to be one of the emptiest feelings there is. Like loosing your wallet, and keys at the same time.

Clay G.

Back in the old days I carried a Motorola HT-220 (which should tell you about how old I am) clipped to my belt behind my right hip. I developed the habit of brushing my hip with my hand or wrist to make sure it was still there. I never noticed I was even doing it until I found it missing. Panic, for a second until I realized I had left it in the car.

I haven't carried the HT-220 in many years, but a couple years ago I realized I was doing the same thing with my knife.

Over time I've developed a habitual "pocket pat" in which I pat myself down to check all four pockets anytime I leave a building, enter or exit a car, or otherwise go from one place to another. This cuts item loss to a minimum. My wife kids me about how heavy my clothes are considering my usual assortment of accessories -- car keys, "other" keys (on a Leatherman Micra), wallet, comb, small folder (a Schrade, this week), large folder (a Buck crosslock, this week), money clip (I've got a CRKT "PECK" on order to replace my old one), etc.

In recent years I've developed the habit of loading down my briefcase (my "man's purse")with a variety of other items, including my cell phone, a Buck 110 or other large folder, and a Pock-Its utility pouch containing all sorts of goodies, from a miniature pocket hack-saw to a full-sized Leatherman, mag-lite, miniature SAK, ceramic sharpening rod, and Spyderco Ladybug. Between that and all my work papers, schedule book, disk caddy, and usually a book or two, I had to fully expand the expandable briefcase -- and it's getting heavy.


AKTI #A000845
And tomorrow when you wake up it will be worse.
I've kept a folding knife hidden behind or next to my wallet for the past 35 years. Checking on my knife and getting it properly alligned for easy draw is something I've done 10 times a day all that time. Talk about a habit. Of course I carry so much pocket gear that I wear suspenders. I generally keep some type of spare in the glove compartment. Time was I'd just carry 3 spares on me, but I'm a gentleman these days and it makes me too lumpy.
Geez, I've been doing a subconsious pocket pat too!

And I've never lost a knife, or forgotten to take one with me somewhere...

I only keep them in my front pockets or on my belt, so before I enter or leave a car, building, whatever, I always nonchalontly check.

I need a bigger bucket.
You "forgot"? You FORGOT!?

Heresy! Sacrilege! Blasphemer! Oh, the humanity!

Pelt him with ricecakes! Fifty lashes with al dente linguine!

Tragic enough that he should forget, but to not have a backup? What is the world coming to!?


Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

One of the scariest feelings for me is leaving home, and while enroute to a destination, realizing I don't have knife one on me. For this reason I keep a left handed AFCK and a large Voyager Tanto in my glove box at ALL times, and two knives in the tool box in the trunk (Cold Steel SRK and Master Hunter). Feeling of total nakedness, GONE!

The choices we make dictates the life we lead.


There was a veteran skydiver with thousands of jumps who forgot his parachute! He realized it only when it came time to pull the chord
I saw it on one of those amazing home videos type shows and it showed his helmet cam move in a panicky motion when he realized it.

I guess you and he had that same sinking feeling only you survived to talk about it

I guess that would be a good reason to scatter knives throughout your house and truck. Just in case

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

Ah, yes, the habitual knife check and the wife's sarcastic "It's still there"...

Extra knives in each car, all tool kits and in every room.

Creful with that PECK as moneyclip! I prefer the SAK moneyclip, silver, even if the blade is miniscule.

It is a terrible feeling not to have a knife within reach. Don't know about everyone else but, I feel naked when I'm only carrying one
This thread makes me remember why I "dummy cord" all my knives when I deploy. If it's still on the table, I haven't hooked it to me. Which brings up another point, when you suddenly end up inverted, and everything starts falling out, you look like a Christmas tree. Just my notes, because I KNOW I'm guilty of the "check myself" routine!!!
I know that feeling like being naked and 10ft tall in Grand central on Friday at 5:30PM.
David that jumper was just a JAFO on that jump and at the last min he decided to go.
This brought to mind another bright boy who jumped When he shouldn't have.
He was a bartender at the jump site and was on a JAFO ride when he jumped up and went out the door.
ON a forward angle out of a twinotter into the prop.

Edward Randall Schott

I'm with Cutiger, I usually have 2 on me and feel weird without a knife that my left hand can access if need be.
I forget my wallet and keys sometimes, but NEVER my knife(s).
Hell, I even have a nice light endura strapped to the waistband of my boxers (when thats all I'm wearing) when I'm hanging out at the house. Even then I feel more comfortable with a knife.
I've carried a knife since I was a Cub Scout, back in cave-dwelling times. Since then I have forgotten my wallet, car keys, wife, kids, the date, and why I was were I was. But I never left home without a knife. The concept is alien to me.

Live free and buy. It's the American way.
Funny how we all seem to have developed the "knife check" pat.
Forgetting my Commander that night reminds me of why I used to carry 2 good sized folders. As I rarely used them I decided to only carry one.
Even my backup knives were left at home that night! The best I could come up with was a SAK and my Swiss Tool which I carry in a puch on my duty belt. Better than nothing, but not as comforting as a good size folder.
I cant carry a knife at school (thanks to all the kids that have made people uptight). I am a strong beliver that the one time your not prepared it hits the fan if you know what I'm saying.