I have been converted

May 5, 2000
I used to giggle at the people here who carry more than one knife at a time. You know, "I have an AFCK in my right pocket, a Military in my left, a Machete IWB, and a toaster strapped to my back..."

Well, I've joined the fray. I mean, I always had a knife in my right front pocket and a Leatherman in my bag, but I don't think that counts. Now, however, I keep a "main" knife in my right pocket and a blue Delica in my left. I bought the full-serrated Delica specifically to throw into the pocket with my keys. Here's why I think this is a pretty good idea:

  • You can keep a beastly knife in your main pocket but still have a friendly one to take out as necessary.
  • If you ordinarily hate serrations (and think 50/50 blades are even worse), you can keep a serrated beater in your other pocket for those rope days.
  • If your EDC happens to be a Lum Chinese, and you need to cut up something gross, you can take out the beater and make your Lum feel better.

One word of advice: if you're going to leave this backup knife floating in your pocket, make it a lockback or an Axis lock. That is, unless you have cement hands that won't get cut to shreds by an accidentally opened linerlock knife.
Good point carrying a backup. Just the other day I was relocating a 220 plug at the office, and whipped out the Police to strip some wire. I thought twice, and went to my desk drawer and got out the new BUCK 110 and went to work. I have been thinking of a Delica, or Endura to carry as back up.
Shmackey - I too am recently converted. I used to think it was overkill to carry more than one knife, but I will be carrying the following once my recent purchases arrive :)

(1) Spyderco Native 440V in left pocket.
(2) BM 710HS in right side WB.
(3) Leatherman micra in right front pocket.

I'll have to experiment with that setup to see what is most comfortable, but I envision using the 710HS for most chores, the Native for the sheeple situations, and the micra for places where a knife just doesn't make sense (sacrilege!)

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to the point yet where I have enough knives to rotate - (1) (2) and (3) are the sum total of my budding collection so far :D
What does overkill have to do with it?

I simply can never make up my mind. It would take me a half an hour to narrow the choices down to the one knife I wanted to carry that day, and I would be late for work, so this morning I stuffed the Benchmade 705 in my left front pocket, the BM 770 in the RF, clipped the M-2 Mini AFCK to the RF, stuck the medium Apogee in the RR, and the BM 735 Ares in the LR. It only took me about 20 seconds. It is a matter of efficiency for me. :D
When I work my part time night job in a beverage store, which has been robbed before, I keep a BM 710HSSR in the left pocket, and an Sere 2000 in the right. It balances you out anyways.
In the winter, when I can wear my barn coat, it's a .357
I make it a point to always have at least 2 blades on me at all times also. I usually carry a big folder or medium to small fixed blade and a small "beater folder". Right now I am carrying a spyderco wegner (large folder), a CS medium clip point voyager (small beater), and a tops street scalpel (small fixed blade). I use them all for different purposes that they do well.
I think it is always best to carry as many as possible. I have evenstarted wearing cargo type pants due to the extra pockets. Knives of all shapes and sizes can fit comfortably in the variety of pockets available. The belt is also available to hold knives when yor pockets are filled! I have worn my customized LCC in the new Gary Graley sheath since I got in the mail. Fits real good in between pockets and does not obstruct "pocket" knife deployment. Of course, people think I am nuts and need some counseling, and to them I say.........A little counseling never hurt anybody, I will consider it. But who do they run to when a "knife" is needed? Me!
Seriously though, I always carry more than one knife. It is always good to have a "back-up" knife and also a "user" (3 knives). One favorite is carried due to "cool" factor, one as a good back up(one you trust that won't fail) and this is the one that You use, and then the "user", a cheaper knife that You are not afraid to loan to "anybody" for whatever task they need it for.
This has always worked for me and I hope there are more "converts" out there!
C'mon guys, what do you think God gave you a NECK for!?! :p

So Schmackey, you used to find the IWB machete pretty silly, did you? So where do you carry yours?:D

I hope I can convert all my friends like this someday. The ones who once hated knives now ask to use mine. The ones that owned them but didn't carry them now carry them. Knives conquer all.
I too find myself carrying more knives. Some days I have to leave my micra at home. In fact, I've completely quit carrying my pocket pyramid.:D
When I was young my father told me to carry a double bladed knife, "This blade you keep sharp, this blade you keep very sharp."

He still carries only one knife, always with two or more blades of different shapes. I usually carry at least two single bladed knives...for the same reason (and many times 3 or 4 for the gadget/cool factor). :)

Back in May, when I took my mother out for Mother's Day dinner, I had 3 knives on me.(Mom never knew:eek: :eek: )

Now, I usually wear 2 pairs of pants so I can accomodate all the extra edged steel. :p
I carry my one basic user knife in work when i get home i carry two one nice piece something i won,t use but got to carry and i have a nice user just in case i have to cut something i have been known to change knives during the night just to keep it interesting
i only have one knife on me, as i wear jogging trousers to work as i do underfloor cabling sometimes. it is a CRKT large kasper plain, and is a user, but i don't have room for anymore on me. in my rucksack, which i am NEVER without, however, is an opinel no.6, shaving sharp, in a plastic wallet with a DMT fine flip-open sharpener, this is my loaner, for anyone who wants to borrow a knife (£5 each, wouldn't you buy one rather than hand over your bg42 superblade so some idiot can scrape cable-trunking with it?). also a CRKT stiff kiss, with the clip attached, so i can slip it in small of back quickly under my shirt, in case a fixed blade is needed. there is a spydercard part serrated, for discreet carry, or for when i will undergo a search (if i am going to a nightclub, but won't have a car to leave my knife in - sorry, but i am not going out without a knife, matter of principle and common sense, it isn't a weapon, but a tool i don't want to go without.). there is a SAK champ, for the saw, file, pliers, and all good things you never need until you don't have them. there is a tiny linerlock on my keyring, 1.5 inch blade, but such a cutter! also has red l.e.d in scales. an a.s.p in the ruksak for training, and for incidents of unusual interest.

TRIUMPH! i used to have people in office look at me strangely when they saw knife clipped to belt, or when i casually flick it open like it is an everyday thing (IT IS!).
the other day a director of the company asked me for a knife to clean his pipe, and i handed him the kasper. he jumped as it flicked open (slower than normal, gotta respect his authoritaaaa!, then cleaned the pipe, commenting on how sharp it was and how solid it felt. he asked if it was above 3 inches, and i explained that yes it was, but legal as i am an engineer and have a good reason. he nodded, wiped it, i showed him the linerlock, and went on my way, having made a convert!
little gorgeous blond secretary asked for knife so many times i gave her the keyring linerlock, with thumbstud and l.e.d, and she is so pleased! another convert!
customer services guy, used to ask me why i carried, like i was a criminal, now asked me to get him plain edge spydercard - he asked for it using those exact words! another convert!
my brother, who wouldn't let me sharpen his wenger SAK, as he cut to the bone on his index finger last time, asked me to make it a razor - another convert!
2 of my scouts are saving up and have asked my opinion on what knife - i overheard them in a sport shop saying "no, don't buy that, it's a cheap, crap steel, chinese p.o.s!"
Welcome to the club.

There so many good reasons to carry more than one.

I usually carry a couple, just for something to play with.

And the Matriarch sure is fun to play with.

And my Delica has been helping me with my experiments with belt fobs, and fobs in general.

My Endura is waiting for an emergency.

My SwissTool also helped with the fob project, shaping the wood.
Right front pocket - Commander
Left front pocket - Waved CQC7B - comes out in reverse ice pick grip
Left front pocket - AG Russell Reverse Congress Folder for when I'm in the office and don't want to scare the sheeple.
Belt, LH side - Gerber Legend Multitool
Neck sheath - Spyderco Native.