I just got my 0801 in the mail and..................

Mar 4, 2012
Right when I was about to put it in my pocket, I found out that my wife is pregnant with our 3rd child. Wow! So the knife went right back in the box. I can't decide if I should keep and give it to the little one, one day with the cool story or let er go and maybe start thinning out the herd. Its quick how your priorities change. I found myself thinking, how many diapers is that lol. Has this happened to anyone else in the past with a new blade and big news?
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Has this happened to anyone else in the past with a new blade and big news?

Well, I found out last week that funding ain't there so my job is gone at the end of the month.
Which means going back to the security job at minimum wage.

So, I celebrated this glorious news by buying a new knife. :thumbup:
(a cheaper one than usual though...gotta be smart about it :D)
Congrat on your Triplets! (If I read that right)

Keep the knife and use cloth diapers instead. :p

"But honey, I will need the 0801 to cut the baby food when they grow older!"
ongrat on your Triplets! (If I read that right)

Lol that was suppose to be 3rd. Triplets well no sono yet but I guess if it happens it happens lol. Oh and thanks, the baby food line may work!
I would keep it (the knife) due to this reason alone:

"Honey, we both are having babies. You just got yours and I got mine too. Excuse me, the 0801 is hungry. I need to go feed it some wood now." :p
Thanks Torm! 65steve I do have time to save, but easier said than done lol. LadyEarth I like your style!
I agree with ya there buddy! But i think if you are strong enough to let go of the 0801, you are strong enough to save the money to cover it ;)
If there's ever triplets, you'll have to sell more than the 0801. :D

I have two year old triplets and a one year old and I'm not selling a thing. Keep the knife and have fun with it my two year old love my sebenza enigma