I just got my 0801 in the mail and..................

man only you know if your situation dictates selling the knife. Id hate to say keep it if your struggling all ready. But my thinking is is if you have to come to the forum and ask that might be a sign to let the knife go. But if your NOT hurting and you can keep the knife and your not going to have to struggle to make it all work then why even ask? I dont think there is anything morally wrong with having toys if your kids are provided for. In other words try not to look at it as "oh, this money could have went for something for the baby" you could apply that to ANYTHING that wasnt for the baby. As long as your kids are in decent clothes, have full bellies and a decent bed to sleep in I dont see a need to sweat it. Everyone needs their toys. We are all kids at heart. Im not with the mother of my child anymore but when I was she HATED my knife collecting habit. She thought it was a waste of money. She felt the same way about my guitar hobby. Yet she was the one who just HAD to have her hair done once every 2 weeks, nails every week and a new purse to blow that money out of. So I simply told her If I cut my knife collection off then I would cut her off too. Guess who still got to collect knives?
9 months is a long time; enjoy the knife and resell if need be after the wee one comes along.
Thanks for the congrats. And Purple you make a good point. I'm not struggling but like you said I have that well this could be used for the baby feeling. But again us adults needs put hobbies as well! Good points.
No names yet we don't know the sex yet it's early just have had one ob appointment with blood work Sono next week.
You could name the child Offset or Spec Bump or Skyline, etc. I'm sure your lady wont recognize the references. :D
Well just an update, I decided to keep it. I carried it to the OB today and will try to carry it for the next 8 months to give it a cool back story for when I pass it on one day.
Good decision as I think this knife will have special meaning in the long run. Great news on the coming baby!! I sincerely hope all goes well for your wife over the next 9 months.:thumbup::) Btw, just ordered my 801 and got on the list for the 801CF. Can't wait to get it though it will be next wednesday before it arrives.
I think you made the right choice, man. The sentimental value alone is enough to keep it, considering this is the knife you had on you when you heard the news! Best of luck with the pregnancy.
Congrats there!! My second is due in November. Ive down sized to one knife. I put the hobby aside for a while. All I need is one good knife and good pair of boots.