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I Need a New Small Folder Like I Need...


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Oct 15, 1998
another hole in my heead.
Be that as it may, I still WANT one.
I'm seriously considering the Spyderco Mouse.
However, I don't want to overlook small folders from other makers.
So, what's your favorite small production folder?
It'll be used for basic everyday tasks. It should be able to handle medium type cutting so I don't want any wimpy "gentleman's folders".
Makers I'd like to see included in your comments are Kershaw, CRKT, Benchmade, etc. What makers besides these should I also consider?
Just personal opinion now ... but the Umfaan is really too small for me. It has a "cute" and "wow...amazing they can still build a knife exactly like the big one but this tiny" kinda feel to it.

The small Sebbie, OTOH, is really just right for daily carry. Light enough and small enough to comfortably carry in pouch, in dress pants, yet big enough to do serious cutting chores.

I really like the Wm Henry knives, but they are going to be borderline to your "delicate" criteria. I think they are sturdy enough and lock up well enough for medium sized daily carry cutting tasks, and they are not truly delicate like some smaller custom gents folders I've seen mostly from custom makers (with wimpy, inadequate locks). You'll have to handle and decide.
OK, I should've put in a price limit.
Let's set the max price at $75.
I like the Umfaan, but it's just too small and too expensive. Besides, I already have a large Sebenza.
I also like the WH Lancet, but it's also too expensive and I'd hate to use it for heavier duty jobs.
Keep those suggestions coming.
Don't overlook the Kershaw DoubleCross or the small Buck Lightning. Both are great little blades and both capable of pretty serious cutting.I think you'll agree that the Kershaw is special!
The Mouse really kicks butt. In the price range you mentioned it would be hard to beat.
I recently bought a Camillus CUDA EDC and am very happy with it.At about $45 it`s a bargain.
Although I don't have a Spydie mouse, I have a stainless steel Spyderco dragonfly which I like very much.
This one is like the WH lancet, it's from AG Russell.
AG6-CF Carbon Fiber . . . . . $52.95
If you get one let me know how it is. I may get
one too.
It's discontinued, but still generally available in your price range and, for the price, is a worthy companion to your large Sebenza. :)
Looks like CRKT has discontinued the Apache line, but of all my knives I seem to put my little Apache 7001 on my belt the most: 2.75" blade (ATS-34), 2.4oz. Got it cheap at Smoky Mountain Knife Works (eKnifeWorks.com.)
How many spydies in that range? 6 I can think of right now:

Wegner jr

The Wegner jr and Delica are sub-3", but still great little guys. I have both of them...

I find my Cricket to be good for anything I throw at it, but still plan on buying a Dragonfly for the beauty of it(Flat grind, PlainEdge, SS for ~$70 up here)
Kershaws DWO is a nice small knife and pretty handy size, price wise? about $20 or less but it's a very well made knife!



The carbon Fiber Lancet from William Henry....now that is a lot more as you know, but it is easily carried in the shirt pocket, lighter than my pens, and is still strong enough for a lot of cutting chores, I use mine everyday. You can sometimes find them for as low as $135 on the secondary market, that's what I paid for mine and it was in like new condition... I know it's almost double your price limit....I suggest you raise it and get that knife, IF you want a very good SMALL knife....my .02....

I like my medium Cold Steel plain-edge Clip-Point Voyager as a small, light-weight folder. It cuts like the dickins, and the AUS-8A steel seems to hold-up to "normal" cutting-tasks pretty well. If I lose this one, it won't "break my bank" to replace it with another of the same.:).
All great suggestions
I've narrowed it down to these 3:
Spyderco Mouse
" Wegner Jr
AG Russell
Your thoughts?
I know the Mouse uses VG-10 which I love.
What do the Wegner Jr and AG Russell use?
I have to give another vote for the Mouse. It is the sturdiest small knive that I have ever seen. I have owned an Umfaan and I honestly do not believe that the Umfaan is sturdier than the Mouse. The Mouse, however, is a tad more than $75. Generally, they run more like $85. The knife is definitely worth the extra ten bones.
Of THOSE 3, I'd have to pick the Wegner, Jr. ("plain-edge"). It's a very well-made, stout folder, and the G-10 scales make it feel very good "in hand". (I've found that the smooth stainless scales of the Mouse, etc. can be a little slippery.).
OK, I'm really leaning toward the Wegner Jr.
As much as I like the Mouse, I can't get warmed up to metal handles.
So, what blade steel does the Wegner Jr use?