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I Need Everyone's Help and Expertise...

Jan 1, 2006
Okay guys, here's the deal. I am looking for a new knife that will be used pretty hard so it needs to be tough but I refuse to tie up a whole bunch of money in it because it could very easily get lost doing what we do around here. Now, for the tasks at hand. The knife will see general outdoors and hunting use like a lot of other knives, but it's primary function will be as an all purpose pig sticker. Let me elaborate a bit. Me and a couple buddies run day and night time hog hunts from horseback and we use our knives quite a bit for all kinds of things, i.e. chopping small limbs/branches/vines/thickets, a lot of heavy rope cutting, and believe it or not we do occaissionaly dispatch of hogs which have holed themselves up in cover or swam out in creeks and stock tanks with our knives from time to time. I am looking for something in a 6-8" blade that is good and sturdy with a solid handle that I can still hang on to even when it gets wet or covered in blood, I usually prefer plain edge blades but I don't mind a small section of serrations near the handle. I do not like the Tanto blades or any of the Mall ninja stuff, I don't need fancy designs on the blade or the words "Tactical" or "Special Ops" on the knife in order to consider it for purchase. I would like to keep the purchase price to no more than $120. So, what do you fine folks recommend??
Call Justin at Ranger Knives. He will hook you up good. They are super tough and well within your price range. :thumbup:
-Ka-bar, again

-SOG Northwest Ranger

-Benchmade FIXED Griptilian (blade is a bit smaller than you specified, but may be worth a look)
You've got lot of choices! I'd say try to make ergonomics a top priority, since you don't want to loose it while sticking pigs! SO, I'd avoid the OLDER Kabars, but consider the newer ones, that are a little grippier.
Take a look around, and take your time. You'll find you have a TON of choices.
MAKE SURE THAT YOU CLEAN UP THE BLOOD QUICKLY! It will corrode a blade very quickly. Keep some extra WD40 with you.
For decent, but really pretty cheap, you might want to look at the Ontario knives. They are pretty cheap, so I'd have to recommend buying two, just in case. Sometimes, they aren't heat treated that well!
I really like the looks of some of those Ontario knives...Keep the suggestions coming guys. Thanks.
Some good choices have been offered already. No one has mentioned one I've used and like a lot for the money. I mean its nothing special in anyway, and just a good corrosion resistant fair toughness steel but its a cheap beater that you say so what to if you break or lose it. Last time I checked they were readily available also. For what you describe it should certainly do the job.
They have a surprisingly good grip to them. One of the neat things about this bowie style blade is the sheath. It allows you to carry it as easy or easier than a regular 6" blade because of the way it swings out of the way. I used this one for a while and gave it to my neighbor to try out and he loved it so much I sold it to him for more than I paid for it since he offered to make me a profit to buy it now.


Cold Steel SRK should do the job. Good Kraton handle, doesn't get slippery even when wet or bloody.
I'm certainly no "animal rights activist", and I love ribs and ham and bacon as much as any southern boy (I am from NC after all), but a knife seems a bit cruel and inhumane.
Why not use a gun?
You are in Texas after all, aren't guns legal there?

I think a .357 magnum would do the job a whole lot faster than a knife, and with less suffering too.
look at the cold steel "master hunter" in carbon v blade. runs about $60-$80 and is one sharp and tuff knife!
Just about any ole knife will do for hog-hunting as long as it has the following:

"Pointy" tip
False edge/swedge
7-9" blade

When I went in Oct, my hog was down in less than 20 seconds...and he was right in front of me..and I knew 100% whether or not I had a clean kill. Beats the pants off scoping 'em out at 100 yds.

If you hunt with catch dogs, you use a knife. You don't shoot the hog..you might kill one of your dogs...or your buddy!

Call it what you like...but ranks high on my list of most sporting hunts...even above bow hunting (tracking style).