I need some prayers for two of my friends.

Thanks for ALL the Prayers & Smoke guys & gals!!!!

I am gaining more & more strength every day and got up this morning with absolutely No aches and pains. I can't recall the last time that's happened.
And I can also walk a short distance upright with my new found limberness and mobility!!!
To give you an idea, I lost 20 Lbs the first week I was on the new meds I have been after the doc to give me for quite a while. I think I Scared him!!! That's okay, next time he will listen and know that I know more about me than he

But doc's and medicines aside I know what gave them their effectiveness!!!
Barb's keeping an eye on me and won't let me over do, but I felt like I could kick King Kong's butt this morning, without a ladder.

I pray the ones that this thread was atually started for fare as well as I have and with the Prayers and Smoke and the Great Mystery's help they will.

Thanks once again!!!!


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Ahh, you're just too mean and ugly, bro. The Good Lord don't want you and the Devil's scared you'd take over the place! ( Hey, if I didn't tease ya, you wouldn't believe I was serious ).
Came late to this thread...

Sincerest best wishes, Yvsa. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
I'm sorry to learn that you were under the weather, Yvsa, but relieved to hear that you are now doing better. You will be in my thoughts.


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Brothers & Sisters of Steel,
Prayers and well wishes to one and all.
May your hardships lessen. May the Almighty in whatever form you choose grant you respite from all evil. Protection from all hardship. And a speedy recovery.
May your cup runneth over.
Rejoice in His bounty!
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