I oiled my knife an broke it


The Black Horse I have had for over 20 years. I HAD an anniversary Snap on knife I used as a tool like I do most knives. I eventually broke it and took it to a dealer. They saw how it had been used and replaced it with the black horse. I still have the commemorative coin that came with the original anniversary knife.' All I remember about the anniversary knife was it had 3 blades and a bone sides. It was around 1982. OK maybe 30 years ago..... I buy all these knives off the snap on truck. I don't need any more tools, so I just buy knives. They get expensed through my business. They ARE tools :)

I also have a pile of multitools.
a few leatherman
ONE prototype Proto
One Spiderco
One Schrade
The Kershaw
A Zilla tool
A couple Gerber
2 bear jaws one with wire strippers instead of pliers.

I get em all out and sharpen them.

I still want a real Spiderco knife.

Nice hang out you folks have here.