I Regret Ignoring SAKs for So Long

Jun 19, 2018
Everyone is familiar with Swiss Army knives. Like most, I've seen them around everywhere since my youth. But even when I got into knives, I never bothered to get one for myself. Well, for some reason, in my mid-40's, I decided out of the blue to get a SAK. I decided on a Victorinox Executive, because I loved the balance between the size and the functionality. Just received it today, and wow, I just love it.

The blades did not come very sharp, but a little time with the Sharpmaker and a strop, and they are now like scalpels. The nail file is one of the best I've ever seen on a pocket knife. And the scissors are surprisingly good. The nail file can also be used as a phillips screwdriver, and the orange peel tool has a small flathead driver as well as a nice serrated blade (that can peel oranges and do other things). And of course, the tweezers and toothpick are just icing on the cake.

I am so glad I got the Executive, because it's sort of a rare size in the SAK lineup at 74 mm. Very compact and light, but still big enough to be really useful.

I love my other knives, but I am sure that whatever I carry, this SAK will also be in my pocket. I am equally sure I will be buying more SAKs.

Honestly, the only reason I carry a classic in my coin pocket everyday is for the toothpick and tweezers, sometimes the file and scissors.
Like most knife nuts, I had my stages and crazes. I did the sodbuster thing, then I did the stockman thing, and then I did the Case peanut thing. But through it all, I always seem to have a SAK around close. I finally got wise and now carry a SAK 99.9% of time as my EDC. I may have 'another' knife around, like in the glove box or back pack, but the SAK does most of what I need and then some. It's. been extremely handy to have a few basic tools in the pocket like screw driver and Phillips driver and awl.

A knife, no matter how nice, is just a one trick pony, while a SAK is a whole bundle of handy tools in the pocket for those little problems life loves to toss in our path. I've lost count of all the things I've fixed off someplace with the SAK in my pocket.
Everyone is familiar with Swiss Army knives....when I got into knives, I never bothered to get one for myself. Well, ... in my mid-40's, I decided ... to get a SAK. ..
I am so glad I got the Executive, ..
Very compact and light, but still big enough to be really useful.
congrats!! Better late than never!
Not to many objects can be this useful for
the same exact amount of money spent.
Best part is now you no longer have to
worry about blowing too much on the
next couple of SAKs....
Alox Electrician Plus. My all time favorite SAK which is unfortunately discontinued. I'm down to a user and one replacement.--KV
Why go alox when you can go custom, and keep the toothpick and tweezers. Nothing looks nicer than custom wood/metal scales. Working on some silver ones for my Spartan, and some rosewood for my pioneer. Aloe are nice though.
The consistent quality is amazing. Alox is hard to beat for me. Especially the Pioneer. You are headed down a slippery slope....
Love mine. The "Orange Peeler" opens plastic clam shell packages beautifully.
I use the nail file quite a bit also. Keep the larger blade for food and the small blade for cutting. I used to pretend that I always needed a larger knife along with it but didn't.
Gotta look into custom scales. Not very handy but may try it anyway.
I have been carrying one everyday, since the early 60's. Most days I only carry a Pioneer or a Spartan. They are great little pocket tools!
I have always wanted an Alox model but, man, those tweezers have removed so many nasty splinters from my fingers over the years...... My daily carry for the last 20 years has been a Centurion. Pretty much everything you would ever need but a saw blade. But as my buddy Mick is always saying - "you cain't always git what you want.......
I spent years saying I'd never buy a SAK. Then I did. Again and again and again. :D

They are just so good if you want to be around other people that don’t know you well enough to appreciate you walking up to them with a machete in your hand.
I need to know more about these metal scales that allow the scale accessories! I’ve often wished the Exec was available with different scale materials, but since I view the toothpick and tweezers as an indispensable feature, I didn’t think it was a viable option for Victorinox knives.