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I think I'm in love


Stay Sharp!
Platinum Member
Feb 25, 2009
flips like a dream! I love it.

Just curious, any tips on maintaining that smoothness? I know on my sebenza I can easily take it apart and drop some grease in there. How would it work with IKBS?

Just a drop of mineral oil every now and again. I've never had one need anything more than that.
Feb 20, 2008
Just a drop of mineral oil every now and again. I've never had one need anything more than that.

+1. It should be all you ever need. If it ever gets really gunked up then just wash it with soap and water, used compressed air to blow it out, soak it in WD-40, blast it again with the compressed air, and then give it a few drops of mineral oil.
Oct 10, 2009
Sounds good. I like stuff that's easy to maintain. I just dropped a little bit of blu lube and I noticed a nice difference. Flips with a bit more kick now.

Wouldn't a mini Turbulence be awesome? I'd be all over one.