I will no longer use the T- word. JOIN ME!

Apr 30, 1999
I swear this on my honor and under oath that I will never refer to anything including knives, packs, boots, firearms, or any other gear as 'tactical'. Subdued everything does not make a warrior. I don't know if I'm a warrior but I apsire to a warriors mindset, a pit bull's mindset. That if push comes to shove I WILL WIN. But back on coarse, who will join me with this oath-I WILL NOT USE THE T-WORD!!!
I hear you brother...

I'll probably still use the word, in these things " " when refering to stupid stuff, but there are some pretty cool things that have "tactical" in it, like tactical nuclear weapons, or something.

A buzz word is a buzz word, and it doeth suck muchly. This is what I mean when I moan about titles being tossed around indiscriminately, it cheapens the word and dulls it's meaning.
I don't say "tactical" that much anyway, as I find no reason to. Doah! Just let the media get ahold of that word, and the ****tle'uv hit the fan...

I need a bigger bucket.
ROFLMAO, it stuck in those assteriks all by itself!!! Ha ha, that scensoring thingy is gettin' smart!

I need a bigger bucket.
LoL, I'm smarter than it, though! See above post to see the witty way I snuck a word by

I need a bigger bucket.
Yes, but the thing censored me the other day for trying to say *****foot (that starts with a P and ends with a y, has two s's and a u).

Well, I acnnot say ****, but I can say FUKK.
At least I think I can.
Where there's a will, there's a way.
(Spark, please forgive me. I have sinned, but it was all for demonstrative purposes...)


A$$hole is still my faveorite one that sneaks by "foul language blocker thingies"
It annoys me by turning W A S H I T A into wa****a every time I talk about hones. I've finally got it through my head that is not going to be fixed and I am doomed to overuse the spacebar every time I talk about sharpening.

As the Apostle of the Tactical Pen, I feel obliged to explain now that I think calling it that is mildly humorous.... I could call it a dagger or a bodkin or a lot of things, but the idea of a "tactical" pen strikes me as funny.

In fact I have seen "tactical" pens in another sense at military surplus stores -- army green. They're not as well designed to use as a weapon as mine are, though.

-Cougar Allen :{)
HAHAHAH there's a censor now!? hahaha that's so ****in' cool!

Gotta agree on the motion for the moratorium on the T-word. Drives me crazy.

Must have been asleep on this censor thing, as I hadn't noticed. Please forgive me Spark, but I gotta try one.


So what your saying is you want Spark to add the T-word to the list of censored words. Thus tactical folder would be ******** folder and tactical flash light would be ******** flash light. Hummmm.......... I wonder if spark could make the thing replace the word tactical with the word black. Thus tactical holster would be come black holster and tactical fixed blade would become black fixed blade!
Just a thought.


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A military-issue four wheel drive vehicle is "tactical." In the civilian market, with or without the subdued paint job, it's a "sport-utility vehicle."

I've been calling these one-hand folders and such "sport-utility knives" for some time now.

No, there is no need to make an acronym of it.

Interesting, that censor-bot.

In Hebrew, the first book of the Bible is Bere**** (= beginning). If this was a Torah-study board, we'd have to disable the S-word filter. And if all Net knife nuts saved shock-words for truly special occasions, we wouldn't need the censor-bot to keep the board family-friendly.

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My life . . .

I decided to celebrate a year on the web by giving away the Photon Tactical Group. A set of Photons to cover all your basic mini-lighting needs.

Then this and Snick's thread . . .

Geez . . . (tactical Photons!?)

Forgive me for I have sinned.

(well, actually I'm unrepentant)

Little River Trading Co.

You mean I cannot call my titanium, beadblasted, no magnetic signature, light weight, non corrosive camping spoon tactical anymore?

****, I'm gonna miss that.

PS. Can I still use the sabre grip when eating my soup?
Of coarse the words tactical and tactics are military connitations,but the word tactical SELLS those folders and it helps keep the knife industry in the money.And if the industry is making more money using a basically non civilian word, thats ok by me. Dont we all want such as BM, Spydrco, SW, and otthers to make money? This word, in my mind, has helped the knife business greatly in the last few years. I wouldnt use the word in describing a folder or auto knife but it does sell those types of knives. I do agree it is a stupid term to use, but someone figured the masses would like the word to described these types of knives.
Should there be a moritorium on the T word, there must another way of describing the differences between the run of the mill Wal-mart locking folder, and 4" G-10 pocket Man-Axes we so love to carry, fondle, show off, and cut the P-mortal stuffings out of.

Granted, there are many areas of over lap, as in the revered 110 and CS Voyager. Very tough and very civilian, both. but where does the Stryker fit in, tough as nails and laughs at most abuse. Truly a blade that a man can cut his way out of a stuck elevator with, and still be on time for the job interview!

The Eze=Out is does not warrent the T word; as a pocket clip and one hand op, does not a TK make!

I feel that when the T word is bestowed, we as BF member expect a certain level of performamce, hitherto only attributed by the much over used T word.

Gentle people, I put it to you that we require another descriptive word!

Insert comments below, and please forgive the bombast. Its a new shift and the close of a long day. -Brian