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Oct 2, 1998
Here's your chance to find make a visible difference on the forums!

Vote and vote wisely, this is your chance at democracy.


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Can't you just make the standard pre-set choice no symbol at all? That would solve the problem (if it even is a problem, I like them just fine), right?

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I like icons, the more the better. I VOTE FOR MORE ICONS, more and more and more...
They do nothing for me. I vote: take them off.

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I vote off

A. Dale McLean
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Keep em'! The icons can really tell the way a tread is meant to express without looking into the content. Happy, sad, angry...And put the macho man aside.
I liked it better without them. You could always use the "old" smileys for expression, and the page itself had a business like look about it.
Now it reminds me of mixed-fruit LifeSavers

I'm getting used to them. I like the idea of a forumite expressing an emotion on his/her topic of discussion. I vote to leave'em on for awhile and see what develops.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I want it back the way it was. It had, as Bill attested, a sort of business-like look to it, but now the smileys are getting too strange and wide-spread.

I need a bigger bucket.
How could I get in touch with my feelings, if we got rid of the icons?

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Put the icons where they belong......In the trash.

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Off...this place looks like Rosie O'Donnell's site; la-la land

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The way I see it is, if you dont want them, don't use them. They pose no real problem, yet they are there for the people who want to utilize them. Keep them on, what's the big deal?


Louis Buccellato

Icons seem to help quickly see a post, like Mikes question, about 'knife of the month.'

Also to help see the tone of a topic....

Did any of you guys have a problem excepting color TV?

Some of us took the jump from re.knives ok,
to this software...I say keep 'em, and use
'em if ya want.
I say keep'em......but....we have a thunb up and a thumb down.....what about a middle finger......nevermind!!!!!!
Hey folks vote in the survey and not on the thread please

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