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If Knives weren't taboo would they lose any of their appeal to us?

May 31, 2000
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Another recent thread asked what appealed to us about knives.

Partly, knives are attractive to me on their aesthetics, on their manufacture, the "tool" and, yes, the weapon aspect. Maybe, even, if it hasn't been said before, the phallic symbolism. "Mine's bigger AND I know how to use it, make it, sharpen it, etc...) Matbe that's why I like folders best. You can put em back in your pants until needed and not frighten the girls in the mean time.

I drool over the genius of execution and all the using a knife as a weapon teachings.
But part of their appeal is the "forbidden" personna of carrying knives and using them as a self defense "tool". Labels that the "sheeple" use.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by colobbfan:
symbolism. "Mine's bigger AND I know how to use it, make it, sharpen it, etc...)

Dude, you sharpen yours? You are a more courageous man than I...what? the knife? ohhhh, the knife!! um, sorry, nevermind that....lol.

Seriously, I don't care if they are perfectly legal or illegal, I still appreciate the knife for what it is. I would collect it either way. Don't really care what the "sheeple" think, unless they are stepping on my toes(so to speak). For me, knives are a thing of beauty AND function. That is why I collect knives...not for the aura of verboten around them. I don't collect picture art for the same reason...no real function(except to hide stains on wall and broken plaster)

Good question, though.

Not at all. If people didn't make such a big deal about a little steel, I'd carry more of them out where the world could see them and marvel.
It honestly never occured to me that there was any "illicit thrill" to carrying a knife. I grew up in a time and place where your first knife was a "rite of passage" into Manhood. (an altogether unseemly and NON-PC concept today.) All the guys carried a Buck 110 on their belt at ALL times, yes for you "youngsters" this means even at school. Unconcealed and used many times daily without a second thought or "glance askance" from anyone.
I once dissected an earthworm in Biology class just to demonstrate that my 110 was sharper than the scapels the school provided. (Got the idea from the book "The Outsiders" which was required reading and included much brandishing of auto-knives and one mortal stabbing incident.)
My how times have changed.
*heavy sigh*

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I live in a country where carrying something that can be used as a weapon in the right situation is illegal. This means that they can bust you in a dark alley in Brussels for a screwdriver, and let you go with a trailmaster when in the woods.

Still, the estetics of knives, and their impact on humanity never cease to amaze me. I think that is why I like knives. I believe that making knives as a hobby is a hobby which always continues, it always can be better. I think carrying a knife makes you get in touch with your roots, because your grandparents 1000 or more years back carried knives. Maybe, a little bit of that got in our genes.. I don't know.

You comparison with a fallic symbolic is unjustified I think. I never liked Freud... But if you're right, why are swords never carried?

greetz, bart.

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How can a tool that has so much utility and the potential to save life -- not necessarily as a weapon -- loose its appeal? Anyone who likes to think they are prepared for whatever contingencies would continue to be interested in edged tools.

BTW, yesterday, I went to a fancy restaurant with my family. One of the dishes we ordered was a steak. They brought the steak out with a BUTTER KNIFE -- GOOD GRIEF. No problem. I asked my son whether he had his delica. Yup. Took that and cut the steak up. I had my LCC but actually didn't want to freak people around me.

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Knives are less lethal than cell phones!

.......At least when I pull a knife out of my pocket, I intend to do something useful with it.


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I knew it couldn't be the phallic comparison thing!
Just threw that in to get a rise! LOL

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Like many others, I find the 'taboo' aspect just annoying. I'd carry much more than I usually do, if I didn't have to worry about people running away from me and whatnot.


Agreed. I'd love to carry my katana around with me if possible.

I'm not sure just how taboo knives are. Here in Virginia, they're downright commonplace.

Absolutely not. I could not care less that some people consider knives to be taboo. As has been stated by others, I would probably carry a wider variety of knives than I do now.

Just going by the readings in the BF Political Arena. Kinda like tatoos in Japan and the like. Knives I mean - that should get a VG response!! LOL

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Ya Sing, you just didn't want to make it smelly

I appreciate knives for their aesthetic appeal; quality of construction, execution and materials; and comfort. No taboo here.

You could put nacho cheese sauce on it...
Personally, I don't see knives as being so "taboo."

I carried a small pocket knife through most of my elementary school days (An Old Timer <a href=http://www.schradeknives.com/p122.html>18OT</a>). Since I used it responsibly, there were seldom any problems with it; Sometimes a teacher would ask if anyone had a knife they could borrow, and I'd plainly offer it. Technically, there was a rule against knives, but when one was needed, no questions were asked.

On the other hand, I often break concealment laws, but this is just so I don't scare people by having so many large knives out. (Sometimes on weekends, I walk to a friend's house for a bit of cutting practice on a setup he has. On the way there, I tend to wear something like: 1 <a href=http://members.aol.com/himimp/khukuris.html>15" Ang Khola (Khukuri)</a>, 1 34" Ninja Sword, any other misc knives, and the usual <a href=http://www.victorinox.com/newsite/en/produkte/neu/inhalt2.cfm?pid=3-0323-N>SwissTool</a>, and <a href=http://www.crkt.com/m16zytel.html>M16-12Z</a>)

I'd say most of the excitement of knives (for me anyhow,) is in the fact that the knife is such an incredibly simple tool (a kind of wedge, essentially,) but at the same time it manages to be so incredibly useful in such a wide range of applications.

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Nope, they weren't taboo in any place where I went as a kid in the 1950's and that was when my fascination began. Now, I will admit that my prep school crowd frowned on them, at least some did, but there were others who did not. The school library had the first copy of "Bowie Knife" by Raymond Thorpe that I ever saw, and a copy of W.H.B. Smith's landmark "Small Arms of the World", a wonderful book on military small arms. There weren't a lot of names on the sign-out card, but there were a few regulars.

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Knives taboo ... what's next air?

Try this:

Take the number of crimes committed with a knife and devide it by the number of knives in circulation. The probability that a knife will be used in a crime is probably less than the probability that a pet rock will be used in a crime.
I'm shocked!! Taboo knives? Here? Wow! Man I collect knives cause I love how they look, how they feel, and especially the time and craftsmanship the maker has put into them. Ain't that enough? Why must it always be ABOUT something? Take your Psychobabble BS and peddle it elsewhere, my "equipment" is just the right size for me, don't need no extentions, if you exclude that swedish pump . . . never mind! ;-)


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